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This is a short story I wrote about a tragedy that happened in the 1800's. Hope you like it.

Submitted: June 11, 2011

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Submitted: June 11, 2011



It was the late 1800's and they had been married for six
years now. His name was John Smith, a local cowboy. He owned
a ranch not too far from the local town. His wife, Melody, was
the most beautiful woman in the region. John was cautious of
the way other men looked at his wife. He Jealousy had reached
new hights as of lately. Being a cowboy, he was forced to
travel out of town for several days in order to sell his
cattle. Melody was a shy woman and very fearful of John. She
loved him, but this was not the man she had fallen in love
with. She was careful not to smile at any man or answer the
door to one of John was not home. John's jealousy wasn't
decreasing with the measures his wife took, on the contrary,
it was increasing. Much of this had to do with a rumor he
had heard about the local blacksmith, Curtis. Curtis had known
Melody before John and had been engaged to her, but the
engagement was called off due to Curtis' unfaithful nature.
Still, John was always distrustful of Curtis, but the rumor
seemed to confirm his doubts about Curtis.

The tragedy began with the wretched rumor. One afternoon,
after a long day of work, John decided to go to the local
bar for a cold beer. There he met with his childhood friend,
Brian. The friends began drinking their beers, but with little
to talk about. John noticed Brian's face and silence. " Is there
something wrong with you?," John asked. Bryan put his head down.
He then looked straight into John's eyes and with sadness
said, " There's something I have to tell you John. There's a
rumor going around town saying your wife and Curtis are
secretly seeing each other behind your back." John's look
turned cold. He sat there speechless, waiting for Brian to
say it was all a big joke. After sitting there for a couple
of minutes he threw his empty bottle of beer againts the bar's
wall and stormed out with rage. " Wait John! Where are you going?
Don't do anything that you're going to regret!," cried Brian.
John was deft to any advice and blinded with anger. He got on
his horse and raced home to confront his wife. Brian, affraid
of what John was going to do, chased after him.

John stormed through the front door of his house calling his
wife's name." Melody! Melody!, called John. Melody, half
asleep, answered, " Yes John? Is anything wrong?" John stormed
towards the sound of her voice located in the bedroom." Come here
you whore!," John yelled. Grabbing her by her hair he demanded
an explanation. " So you've been seeing Curtis behind my back?
Don't you dare lie to me!, John said with anger. Melody trembling
with fear could hardly speak. She stared frightened at John and
managed to speak a few words despite her fear. " I don't know
what you're talking about John. I've always been faithful to
you. Never have I or will I be unfaithful to you because I
love you John!," said Melody to John. John, overwhelmed by
doubt and anger ignored his wife's plea for mercy. He slapped her
across her beautiful face more than a couple of times as she
begged him to stop. Hearing what was taking place inside the
house, Bryan stormed in to aid Melody. He grabbed his best friend
and threw him across the room, taking him off of Melody. " You
have gone too far this time John," Brian said. John, knowing
Brian was right, got up and walked out the door. Brian followed
after him but not before he made sure Melody was fine. They both
sat outside John's porch in the cold night, speechless. After
sometime of silence, Brian spoke up. " It probably isn't true John.
You know how the town-people love making up rumors and lies for
their own enjoyment.," Brian said. John continued to be silent as he
looked down in a blank stare. " I've gone too far this time Brian.
If you hadn't stepped in, I don't know what would have happened.,"
said John in a lowered voice. The two friends looked at each other,
one thankful for the other, the other surprised by his friend's
actions. The night was ending and both men had to wake by early
morning in order to begin another long journey to sell their
cattle the next day. " It's getting late and we have a long day
tomorrow," Brian said to his friend. They shook hands and John
went inside to get some rest while Brian rode off on his horse.

The couple did not sleep in the same bed that night. John slept on
the sofa while his injured wife slept on the bed. In the morning
not a word was exchanged by the couple. Still, Melody prepaired her
husband some food for the trip. John, unable to say the word "sorry",
left a note as he left the house. In it he asked for forgiveness
from his wife and stated how much he loved her. He then met up with
his friend and began the long journey towards the north. The friends
traveled for a week herding their cattle until they finally reached
their destination. They sold their cattle at a much higher price
than expected. They embarked on their journey back home with a surprising
amount of money and happiness. " You know John, with this money we can
start our own business. I'm tired of these long trips and stays away from
home.," Brian said. John, liking the idea smiled and nodded. " Well Brian,
I was just thinking the same thing. Maybe we can get started on it as soon
as we get home. I have a couple of ideas on how we can get started.," John
said smiling.

Meanwhile a storm approached the small town of the two men. The winds grew
stronger and the clouds grew darker. Melody, fearing the storm, went to
her mother-in-law's home. " Come in my dear. Looks like there's a big
storm coming." said Mrs. Smith. Mrs. Smith had been widowed for 8 years now
and received little company, with the exception of her only son and daughter-
in-law. " Yes, there's a big storm approaching and I didn't want you to
be alone.,"said Melody. Mrs. Smith smiled and rolled her eyes, " I think
it has more to do with your fear than with my lonliness my dear," she said.
Melody blushed and admitted to her fear. " John's coming back tonight,
so why not stay at our home with us tonight?," Melody asked. " This little
storm is nothing my dear. I've seen them come and go and cause no harm to
anyone over the years. I'm as affraid of them as I am of the air. You are
welcome to stay with me if you wish, but I'd rather stay here in my own
home tonight.," said Mrs. Smith. But Melody was persistant and the old
woman finally gave in to Melody's request. The two woman walked to Melodies
home that afternoon and prepared for the storm.

After the long journey the two menarrived home, but first decided to stop
for a beer to celebrate their success. " Cheers John! To a great deal
and to our future business!," Brian said cheerfully. John smiled and said,
" Cheers my friend!" The moment was perfect, until Curtis walked into
the bar. John's expression immediately changed from happy to a cold stare.
Curtis was aware of the rumor the town was spreading around and therefore
knew he could have problems with John. He sat and had a beer, but then left.
He wasted no time in avoiding a fight with John. John and Bryan continued to
drink until midnight. By then, the storm had arrived and lighting and thunder
pounded the small town. "Well my friend, it's time for me to go to my wife.
I'll see you tomorrow.," John told Brian. John walked out and got on his
horse, racing againts the storm. Brian stayed a while longer to have himself
more drinks, afterall, he was single. The thunder was louder and the lighting
seemed closer.The rain fell with such a force that it felt like small pebbles
againts John's face. The thunder scared his horse, but John fought to control
it. After a few miles, he reached his home. He was soaken wet, therefore he left his
clothes and boots on the porch. He walked into his house while the ferocious
storm grew with strength. The thunder was loud and the lightning struck repeatedly
illuminating the dark rooms of his house for an instant. He then came to his bedroom
door, and opening it, noticed two bodies in his bed. It was dark but
the lightning struck once again, illuminating the room and the bodies on the bed. His heart sunk,
but his anger rose. With a tear in his eye he went back for his gun. He grabbed it
and with a cold look and tears on his face said, " To think I loved you
like no other. I'll show you what a fool like me is capable of." He walked back
to his bedroom and without any hesitation pointed his gun at the two bodies, pulling the
trigger over and over again until he ran out of bullets.The blood emerged from the two bodies, soaking the sheets.
He then walked over to see the faces of his victims. He slowly pulled the sheets off from their faces,
but stood frozen when he saw the two. One was of his beautiful and loving wife, now
pierced with bullets. The other face he recognized immediately. He fell to his knees,
weeping like a child. He had killed the woman who had given birth to him. He had
taken the life of the woman who had given life to him. The two women he adored and
loved more than anything in the world now lied lifeless before him. Still crying,
he took his empty gun and searched for a bullet in one of his drawers. He found
none. Still crying like a child he went outside to his porch and took his rope.
He tied the rope to the branch of one of his trees and then went for his horse.
He mounted the horse, put the rope around his neck, and asked his mother for
forgiveness as he looked up at the stormy sky. " Haaah!," he yelled as he hit his
horse to get it going. The horse, obeying his master and afraid of the thunder,
immediately began running. He ran without a destination and without a rider. His
master's body now hung from a tree lifeless and swaying with the storm's powerful
winds. All that was left after the storm were three dead bodies, a horse without
a master and a tragedy that would become a legend.

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