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This is simply my opinion on a certain matter. You will find it very interesting. Have you ever wondered about tomorrow? Does it really exist? If you like it visit my blog, you will find many more interesting topics. http://mezquiteno.blogspot.com/

Submitted: March 14, 2011

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Submitted: March 14, 2011



Tomorrow, what is "tomorrow"? Does it actually exist or is it just a figure of our imagination? Yesterday you can account for, you remember it. Today you can also account for, you are living it. But, can you account for "tomorrow"? No, you can't. Tomorrow is simply something many choose to believe in. Why do they believe in it? I cannot answer that question, for I am not one of those people. Tomorrow is a myth, something that doesn't exist and never will. I will make this simple for those of you who cannot understand what I'm saying. If you disagree with me, simply try reaching "tomorrow". When you get there send me a post card, email anything as proof that you have been there. What will happen is that you will think that you're in "tomorrow", but you are actually in "today". You cannot send me anything because time elapses for both of us. You can try to reach "tomorrow", but you will only find "today". It's like more or less like chasing a rainbow. We all know it's an opitical illusion, and "tomorrow" is no more than a mental illusion. You can try to reach the end of the rainbow, but you never will. You can try reaching "tomorrow", but you will also find nothing. You can't find anything in nothing.

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