Bloody Massacre

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I recently watched The Invisible Children for the second time and I also watched God Grew Tired of Us and I just wanted to let my feelings out on what I think because it is not possible there is so much genocide going on and no one stopping it.

Submitted: March 09, 2013

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Submitted: March 09, 2013



Bloody Massacre

By: Maria F. Marino

With tearing eyes

We see all the knives

All the knives taking lives

Taking lives of men’s wives

Americans tell lies

They’re okay don’t despise

The government that says they cry

For the people dying in tries

To escape this bloody massacre

They live it day by day

Here in America all is good we can never be frayed

Of having no food or water the people there have been betrayed

By the ones saying they care, they end up shooting them

Killing them dragging them raping their women

Kids crying

Kony lying

Saying he is trying to bring peace

Hitler said the same thing and ended up with a lease

Of lives he stole and put on trains

Sending them to their deaths, throwing bodies in the rain

“Showers” became places of death

The silence of the innocent became loud as can be

When Invisible Children came and exposed Kony

In Darfur there is also destruction

Weapons thrown around

Instead of learning to live kids are found on the ground

Dead or almost there women come crying

Begging for help this genocide keeps climbing

Bodies multiply the burials keep rising

Governments getting richer the people get poorer

What do we do when there are humans getting lower?

Blasphemy and corruption breed all across the globe

With governments who say they have it under control

Here in the states we have unlimited supply

Of food and of humans willing to die

For our lives, that’s the army who are willing to fight

Our president keeps promising after darkness comes light

We’re lied to when they say everything is alright

Over there where the people wish they had no sight

To keep them shielded of the view of their homes

Destroyed and scattered like dominoes

We cry and we weep when we watch the movies

But can we do to make the people stop shooting

We say we will help and we’ll send all our money

The next day we forget, go back to thinking that it’s funny

We will never understand the pain and sadness

In the daily lives of the people being stranded

They feel like God grew tired of them

All they have left is the hope of Him

They pray that God will somehow save them

They pray it while people come inside and

Rape them

Take them

Kill them

Mistake them

For animals who don’t deserve a decent living

We watch videos that leave us cringing

We want to throw up from the things that we see

Happening to the humans just across the sea

I am just a teenager; they say I can’t do much

But hopefully this writing will rise and be tough

And hit some people across the head

Make them conscious of humans that are already dead

We need to save the kids the women the men who keep trying

To have a safe haven where they won’t be dying

With tearing eyes

We see all the knives

All the knives taking lives

Taking lives of men’s wives

What can we do? But cry

We can much more just sit down and think

Be the one person to go over the brink

And change the thoughts of the whole world

Help these poor people to be HEARD.




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