The mild fantasy

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a short pleasuring story for women

Submitted: April 12, 2013

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Submitted: April 12, 2013




you come over spend the day with me no ones home and its just me and you all day as soon as were inside and out of sight i lift you of pin you against the wall and kiss all over your neck and chest you run your fingers through my hair grabbing me tightly i carry you to the bed room squeezing your ass the whole way while we kiss and bounce on and off the wall we get to my bed room finally and i drop you on the bed we dont hesitate we strip down to nothing and i climb on top of you and kiss down your neck i begin to rub you and finger you alternating between the two i love the feel of your nice tight pussy its just begging me to be punished and made loose from my massive hard warm cock you see my nice ahrd cock for the first time in person you lick your lips and pull me down to kiss me and shove your tongue down my throught i do the same i take my free hand and slide my cock in you stop kissing lean your head back and grab me tightly you wrap your legs around my waste and i start to go in and out in and out your moaning saying OHHH YESSS TEACH MY PUSSY A LESSON i smile and say yes mam i speed up and pound you ahrder and harder your moans grow louder i say your pussy is soooo tight and yummy babygirl i think im gonna cum i begin to moan and my pitch grows i go faster and faster you can feel my vein on my cock in your pussy you know im gonna cum then i i stop and you feel a long warm load of cum fill you i pull out and shoot all over your face and breasts you throw me down and suck it out leaving my dick hickyed i then go back to eating and fingering you this time together licking and circling your clit while fingering your tight wet pussy your moans grow intense and loud i hear the pitch now grow in your voice LOUDER AND LOUDER then you grab the sheets and squirt my dick is hard again i shove it in your pussy and it instantly makes me cum again i smile so big laying neck to you panting like a dog asking how was i?

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