Beautiful Liars- Mary Jane and Katya

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I was Liar and Liars lived a million lives.

Submitted: September 11, 2012

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Submitted: September 11, 2012




Mary Jane and Katya

My body shimmered under the dim lights and I moved with the grace of a cat up and down the pole. My shimmering belly dancers uniform shone and dazzled the crowds of eager men. The meager money of desperate men showered down around me and I continued obliviously on. My hips moved methodically in the steps I had practiced since I was a young girl and I knew I was enchanting the crowd. I had the fluidity of a snake, the flexibility of a worm, and the grace of a swan. My body was the pinnacle of perfection and everything about me was bewitching to the body and soul.

The music changed and I surveyed the crowd one last time. I gathered my money with one swift dip and moved with effortless seduction off the stage. I went into one of the back rooms and felt those familiar doe eyes on me. “Did you see anything?” asked the current Mary Jane. “No there was nothing. But we’ve only been working for an hour. I am sure something interesting will happen,” I said. “Katya help me with my wig. My costume is utterly ridiculous. You get to be a greek goddess, a belly dancer, a geshia, a genie, and all sorts of exotic costumes. But I am stuck with flight attendant, and school girl costumes,” grumbled Mary Jane. I smiled and looked at myself in the mirror. “It is because you are the very picture of American beauty with sun blonde hair and sky blue eyes. Your skin is a golden bronze and you look like a pin up. I on the other hand have ravens hairs and startlingly pale skin. My cat eyes are two different colors, the left gold and the right black resulting in an exotic look. Well exotic by American standards,” I said my Russian accent faint.

“Yes but for once I would like to be the sexy Indian, not the chaste Pilgrim,” muttered Mary Jane. I positioned her wig and walked over to my table. I put my earnings in a jar and adjusted my veil. I turned to Mary Jane and heard the familiar wedding march start. Mary Jane sighed and decked out as a bride she walked onto the stage. It was our last night here and I knew I wouldn’t miss a thing about this place. Not the grimy hands or the sweaty palms. Not the whisky breath or the pitiful look of lust in these men’s eyes. But none of that would matter in the morning. After tonight I would be in another city with another life under another life. Katya, the little Russian tramp, would be no more.

I walked out of my dressing room and onto the floor. I felt dozens of greedy eyes on me and I walked over to the bar. I grabbed a waiting tray and got to work. I delivered dozens of sticky drinks and evaded the wandering hands of dozens of men. Mary Jane finished her routine for a bachelor’s party and joined me on the floor as a nurse. I was walking back to the bar when the door burst open and a cool jet of air entered the snuggly warm theatre. As I picked up my drinks I looked over at the new customers and then at Mary Jane. She nodded and I walked over to the men. I was the senior most dancer and it was my job to draw in all our newcomers not terribly hard in my opinion.

My eyes flashed as I walked up to the men and my smile practically purred. “How can I interest you tonight? Are we in a particular mood or wish for a certain girl?” I asked. My voice was husky and felt like silky velvet under your skin. The men looked me up and down and I stood with confidence. The men jabbered in Russian for a moment and an inner light went off in my head. They were mob men, and high ranking ones from the looks of their clothes. Armani and Prada weren’t exactly available at Macys.  The men parted ways and a boy not much older than me was revealed. I kept my face blank and looked at the boy. “And what might the young gentleman wish for tonight? I can make any of your fantasies come true,” I whispered walking up to him. The boys face got red and he stammered to respond. I signaled for Mary Jane and asked her to take care of this fine young man. I looked at the other men in his party and they smiled at me. “And for you?” I asked peering at them with a hunger look. The men’s eyes filled with heat and I walked up to the man who appeared to be the leader of the group. I called for several of the girls and pulled them by the tie into a private room where Mary Jane waited.

I sat the man down and began to dance for him. I swayed my hips hypnotically and undid the long silk skirt till I stood in only a shimmery bikini top and a tight skirt covered in little gold disks. I balanced myself perfectly on the man’s lap and removed my veil. The men began to talk in thick Russian voices and I listened perfectly. I slide up and down the man and ground into him. The man smiled with pleasure and watched me intently. I gave him a sultry smile and as I danced I waited for the man to resume the conversation.

They talked of simply things at first. Which girl was the prettiest, who had the biggest boobs, who they would most likely have sex with, the general things you hear about when you work at a high class gentlemen’s club. But things took a sudden turn as the subject of what they were doing and why was brought up. The men complained about their boss and why he would want to come to New York City at all. The young boy chimed in at this time and I continued to dance. After two hours the men paid us and left. I looked at Mary Jane and nodded. I grabbed my veil and skirts

I walked back to our dressing room and Mary Jane locked the door. We didn’t dare speak to one another till we were out of the club, so we rushed to under dress. I put on a black lace bralet top and a pair of black skinny jeans. I laced up my black boots and walked out with Mary Jane who looked like she was about to go to church. We left the club and got into a black SUV that waited in the alley. The SUV took off at frightening speeds for a deserted private airstrip and I closed my eyes. “Who do you think you are going to be this time?” asked Mary Jane. “I don’t know. And I don’t care,” I snapped. Mary Jane immediately understood and dropped to the pretense. We might work together but we were bitter enemies. Mary Jane was responsible for the death of my twin brother and I had massacred her entire family. It was a twisted circle that we lived in but it was necessary.

All evil was necessary. There could be no good without evil. The car stopped and I slammed the door. I climbed up the stairs to a waiting jumbo jet and took a seat across from a woman who bore a startling resemblance to Jessica Rabbit.  She looked over at me with dull eyes and I raised my eyebrow. Mary Jane sat down next to me and we both waited. “What do you know?” asked the woman. “The Russian Mob is in town for a job, a very special job. The Boss wishes to find a suitable wife for his son, preferably a virgin and one who won’t be missed for that matter. They have narrowed it down to a single girl named Mirabella. They plan to take her and marry them immediately. The consummation of the marriage will take place on Russian soil and then the girl will be free game,” said Mary Jane. I rolled my eyes and looked at the women.

“I killed them, all of them,” I said. “And how did you do that?” asked the woman slightly interested.  “Toxic body glitter,” I said my voice emotionless. The woman in turn raised her eyebrow. “I had heard wind that the Russians were in town so I switched the dancers’ body glitter and lotions with my own. The toxin was applied to the Russians as we danced for them.The toxin was a testosterone activated toxin that seeps through your skin and into your blood stream. Once in your blood stream it slowly poisons you and then you die. It’s utterly untraceable, so no need to fret about them figuring out it was murder. Death is my specialty,” I said.

“For once I would like you to not kill our targets! Why can’t you just collect Intel!” screamed Mary Jane. “The same reason you still insist on telling people you’re a virgin even though we all know that’s a lie,” I hissed. Mary Jane’s face flushed and the woman motioned for both of us to be silent. “This was an intelligence mission but given the intelligence I believe a kill call was the right move. Here on your next assignments enjoy,” said the woman pausing for moment, “and Welcome to the Liars Society.” Mary Jane and I exchanged a look and I stood up. I opened the folder and struggled to a keep a smile down. Being a Liar was bitter sweet.



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