The Real True America

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The Real True America.

Submitted: August 20, 2012

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Submitted: August 20, 2012




The Real True America


The pressure is consuming

Never ending, thrill ensuing

Pressure that drives the will

But doesn’t pay the bill


Never expecting more than you think

 And thinking no more then you expect

But dreaming more than you do

And doing no more than you dream


The Land of the Free

But we have no freedom

The Home of the Brave

But we are not brave


We go through life with the pressure

And the dream

That make all seem

So rosy and sweet


But these dreams aren’t real

You won’t achieve what has so much appeal

For we all want to make history

We all want our lives to be marked as a mystery

But see how few have mystery and make history


We are a land built on myth

Not fact

We are a land built on money

Not morals


Sex and Sin dominate

 With Love and Luck subordinate

Greed and Wealth desired

With Humility and Honesty a mere mask


To cape the fact that we have moved past

Past being human

Past wanting to help

Past wishing for better


But wanted only more

More power

More money

More things


Republic we are not

Liberty and Justice not received

America is not for All

The Land and Sea of Greed

And of never ending Poverty


None can escape the endless cycle

That is America

America is All

All the hate

All the anger

All the want

All the have nots


This is America

Land of the Suppressed

Home of the Distressed


But the distress is not eternal

For every part of America that is bad

There is two more parts that are glad


We are forever trying

And wanting to achieve and advance

To the degree that we get many a chance

For us to prove our worth in the world


We don’t ever give up

And say enough is enough

For when the going gets tough

We get rough


When others would give up and give in

We step up and shape up

We aren’t a country that takes things lying down


For when one is insulted, all are

America stands united

Ready to claim and conquer


America is Evil

Yet America is Good

America is Weak

Yet America is Strong

America is America

 The one and only

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