Pete the Bull

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This is something that I wrote right after my father-in-law passed away after a long battle with Pancreatic Cancer. He meant a lot to me and of course to my wife, but it was his special bond with my son that meant the most to me. He was a great guy and we continue to miss him everyday.

Submitted: September 01, 2014

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Submitted: September 01, 2014



Pete the Bull

With all you might, you cast a light that will forever shine bright.

Upon your weary children's eyes,

I see the fight that that embodies your spirit, 

Your poise and your grit.

You spit in the faces of the odds-makers;

Those boiling giants that cast defeat 

Into the feeble minds of the week...but not you

You fought so hard to the brittle bone,

Your sheer will breathing flames at the poison in your blood,

The ice in your veins and the ash in your throat.

Your valiant effort still stings.

You kept goin', kept fightin', kept swingin'

Until your body broke and let you down.

A valiant effort indeed

The seed you planted will forever bestow upon us

The reflection of your will to be triumphant,

Maybe not in flesh but in your spirit;

Pumping your chest, and howling at the wind.

Forever in our hearts and in the fiber of our souls;

Our journey guided by your nurturing hands, 

Our hearts swelling with grief,

But smoldering with the fire of your infinite love.

Rest east, noble warrior.


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