Way Beyond Thought

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A poem I wrote last night about the universe. How weird life is.... Enjoyy! And think about my questions in this poem. It's all soooo strange

Submitted: August 22, 2012

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Submitted: August 22, 2012




What the human race

Is existing inside.


An enormous place,

Deep in the universe,

Broken down

Into galaxies,

Then solar systems

And planets.


What created this?

And Why?


Some say

It was God,

But science denies.


Think deeply,

About the world,

We're in.


Billions of humans,

On one thing:


By gravity.


It's so weird,

Just think

How small are we?


In something,

So fucking big.


Close your eyes

And fall

Into a place

Of blackness,

As if none of this

Could of been.


Think about nothing;

Like feeling nothing,

Being nothing,

And seeing nothing.


In a place,

So large

It's unexplainable,

And way beyond

Any creatures head.


Imagine everything

Really being nothing:

That's what it'll be like,

In the end.


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