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Submitted: December 03, 2013

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Submitted: December 03, 2013



I sat here tonight,

 and wondered how you've been.

 i laid here tonight,

 we can no longer pretend.


 in all honesty it bothers me,

 in all honesty i care.

 but why keep torturing myself.

 when i know you will never be there.


 i know i have found someone,

 but why should i not.

 you have someone to hold you,

 but i was left alone and forgot.


 i am sure we were supposed to be together.

 i thought that you wanted the same.

 is us not being together all you

 or am i the one to blame.


 i have spoken to much,

 but still not said whats on my heart.

 its not that i don't want to.

 its the fact i don't know how to start.


 i have done things i am not proud of,

 i have said things that i regret too.

 but the worse mistake maybe,

 was not fighting to stay with you.


 i don't want a reply from this,

 that much is true.

 all i want now,

 is to learn what to do.


 every thing that i said,

 it was all so very true.

 i told you what was on my mind,

 just think of what i told you.


you deserve so much better,

 but still this is what you choose.

 i want to say "as long as you are happy",

 but thats because i don't know what else to do.


 so i will leave you with this,

 and tell you a few more truths.

 i do still love you,

 but i can no longer offer proof.


 she now has my heart,

 it no longer rests with you.

 i know this will hurt,

 but its the only thing left to do.


 i will always love you,

 just not the same way.

 i gave her my heart

 and she is here to stay.


 its a difficult task,

 to go from love to friends.

 but even in the begining,

 there is already an end.


 we choose our destiny,

 you made yours clear to me.

 you stayed with him till i left,

 and now you want us to be.


it cant be that way,

not now cant you see.

dont hate me for this,

you have to belive me please.

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