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This is a motivational piece to become a better person and not to keep going even though your mistakes travel to you every time.

Submitted: October 06, 2013

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Submitted: October 06, 2013



When I was a kid, all I could ever be is a toy of amusement

I can remember trying to fit in by misusing my disabilities.

But at the time I realized that it only caused me to be thrown away.

I guess you could say I was pushed too far.

This always happened throughout most of my young years.

Even in the first two years of high school, I was kicked around in each table.

We were kids, of course it didn’t matter to me.

The feeling of not being accepted grew and grew.

To where today I can’t be near new groups without looking away.

Because of my mistakes, I look back to what I did wrong.

I can write a five page essay perfectly of what I can do if I could go back and make myself perfect.

I was one of the stubborn ones who didn’t care what others thought.

I could have taken the right step but it was the wrong stair.

I was the first peon sent to the grave of chess.

I’m not the only one who grew up like this.

But everyone can still catch themselves.

Take that step to the right path.

There may be second chances but there’s a lot more.

Don’t be the burden that who fell in the big one’s traps.

Take that step and be proud of what you accomplished.

Don’t change who you are because everyone is perfect inside.

Even if your relationships are gone yet you still have love.

Trade it for faith instead, believe that theres someone else.

Because in the long run that love will come back and become even better.

Take that step against the pain inside.

Replace your memory with friends and fun.

Even if you have a little piece of them, close it, store it.

The pain will draw blood but the farther they are, it can heal more.

Take that step with pride and join the people who can help.

Because suicide is just an excuse, of giving up for nothing.

No reason is good enough if you end what can happen.

To hide everything that needs explaining will never go the right way.

Even though I may have scar on my heart that can cause me to suffocate.

I will never stop trying and nor should you.

God gave us a life for a reason.

Not for sacrificing yourself to him.

He gave it to us to enjoy and to treasure deeply.

He gave us a chance to live happy instead of being restless souls above or below.

Giving up his gift is the biggest sin you can have.

Take that step to make your dreams happen.

Take that step to be who you are destined to be.

Take that step and become an example for others.

It is only your actions that can change the life you live.

Time may be a poison, but let the cells dissolve the venom…

Just climb to the top and no matter what happens.

Be proud of yourself.

Because anyone can make up for their mistakes.

Just don’t waste the toxic duration you have left.

People who judge are wrong because you still live today.

Why give up if it is this easy to still live and breathe.

Have the light on your side and always remember.

To take that step and be legendary in your opinion only.

Never do the mistakes I done, otherwise.

You’ll have less of a chance to be free from dark regret and burning love.

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