Pro-Life or Pro-Choice?

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My article that I wrote for yr 10 English.
We had to read two Australian books and write an article based on an aspect from them. The books i read were 'Looking for Alibrandi' and 'Beautiful Malice'.

Submitted: August 21, 2012

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Submitted: August 21, 2012



In Queensland abortion is illegal, unless a woman’s mental, emotional or
physical health is at major risk. But is this fair? Shouldn’t every woman
be able to make her own choice as to whether she wants to keep her baby or
abort it? Is it fair to take that freedom away from a woman and force her
to live with the major impacts of a child, as happy or unhappy as she may
be about the pregnancy in the first place?

It is illogical to have a law against abortion, as you can’t just
sort all cases into the categories of ‘health at risk’, and ‘health not at
risk’. Katherine Patterson is one of the many women who fit outside these
categories. When asked about her experiences with abortion Katherine
explained that, “When I became pregnant with my boyfriend, Mick’s baby I
panicked. I was only young and the idea of having a child scared the hell
out of me. At the time I couldn’t think clearly enough to decide whether to
keep the baby or abort it.”
Katherine goes on to say that after her boyfriend died in a tragic
accident she was left alone and suddenly the idea of abortion seemed so
much better, however she had grown used to the idea of being a mother and
decided to continue on with the pregnancy.
“I am content with how everything turned out, even if it’s just me and the
kid now. Even though I decided to keep my baby I am fully supportive of
abortion and I think it should be available to anyone who wants it.”
Katherine concluded.

Public opinion polls, such as the one published in the ‘Medical
Journal of Australia in 2008,’ consistently show that a large majority of
Australians support the legalisation of abortion. However, as much as the
points of pro abortion and freedom of choice are argued, there will always
be people against the idea. When asked her opinion on abortion Jennifer
Lyons, mother of two children, stated that, “Abortion is murder of an
unborn defenceless child and is too often used in place of a
Jennifer offered up the idea that, “Adopting out the child to a couple who
may not be able to have one of their own is always the better option. This
keeps everyone happy without killing the child.”
There are also a lot of religions that will completely dismiss the
idea of abortion. An example of this is Catholic Health Australia (CHA) who
is in charge of the running of over 20 public hospitals nation-wide. These
hospitals abide by The Code of Ethical Standards, which states that women
whose children die in the womb will not be offered any surgery or drugs to
speed up the unavoidable process of miscarriage.
The Code of Ethical Standards also says that women who have been
diagnosed with fatal anomalies, even as drastic as to completely eliminate
the chance of a successful birth, will not be offered an abortion or be
referred to another hospital who may provide one.
 Many people are against this straight-mindedness and argue that it is
constricting people’s right to choose what they want for themselves. One of
these people is Christina Alibrandi, a middle aged single mother from
Glebe, New South Wales who accidentally fell pregnant in her late teens.
Thankfully for her however, most doctors in NSW will allow for economic and
social difficulties to be thought of when considering the possibility of
abortion. When asked about her overall views on abortion Christina stated that,
“Every woman has the right to choose what she wants to do abortion wise. It
is up to her to choose however for me it just wasn’t the right choice. I
struggled with my religion and culture, and their views on what I should
do, but in the end it was my choice what I wanted to do. In the end I
believe that no one has the right to tell people what they should think and
feel about their pregnancy and if they wish to abort the decision is up to
them and should not be marred by society’s views.”

So, are the restriction laws on abortion in Queensland fair? Well I
believe that every woman should be able to make her own choice as to
whether she wants to keep her baby or abort it, and that it is completely
unfair of the government take away the freedom of choice from a woman and
force her to go through an unwanted pregnancy.



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Pro-Life or Pro-Choice?

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