Starlet Falls

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It's about a little foal that has a curse and meets new friends on the way when she explores. Then she finds a water fall and you'll have to read the short story to find out what happens. This is a story that i wrote last year. i didn't change anything on it so it's not the best.

It was a beautiful spring morning in Spring Meadows. The horses were galloping in the cool meadows, and some were eating wet grass from the morning dew. I remember that- because I was there. I was born that day from my mother, Mima’s, stomach. My father, Torno, was watching my mother as she struggled to get me out. After what it seemed like an eternity for them, I finally arrived. I was covered in gooey stuff, but then my mother licked me to get it off. When I opened my eyes I saw the world before me. The sun was drying me off as I felt the warmth of it. All of the horses stopped what they were doing and came over to see what I looked like. I had chestnut colored fur, dark brown mane and tail, and a white star shape on my forehead. Everyone stared at me as they were chatting about how cute I looked. My mother said, "I am going to call you Starlet because of the white mark on your head."

My father agreed with a definite nod.

Then finally I spoke my first word, "Nay hey!"

Every one nayed with great laughter.

I said curiously, "Why is everyone laughing at me, mother?"

She said with laughter still in her voice, "Nothing. They just think you are very cute."

I got up and went over to my mother and started drinking warm milk. As they were watching me drink, my mother and father were talking.

Someone shouted, "Look-she has a white streak going down her tail!" As my mother and father turned their heads to look at me, they saw it on me and they were shocked. I did not know what it meant.

Mother was saying, "How did she get that marking on her!?"

Another horse spoke out loud, "She got it from Zonoro!"

I said, "Who is Zorono?"

Father said seriously, "He is the one that puts a marking on everyone that he picks to be under a curse. Be careful of everything you do. You could die if you don’t be careful."

"I always thought it was a myth but, I never thought it would be actually true!" another horse said.

* * * * * * *

My mother said that I can go, but I can not go to Fiery Fields since that is were Zorono lives.

I started my way into the woods, and suddenly I heard a loud rustle in the bushes. I was very scared, and when I heard it I froze in my spot. Then suddenly it came right towards me. I jumped up into the air, and I started to run toward a large Spanlikle tree. I hid behind it waiting to see if it fled. I turned around and I saw a cute little bunny half-scared to death munching on some Happer berries.

I said shakily, "Hel-ll-ooo?"

The bunny said, "Hi! Come out from behind that tree, I won’t bite ya."

I came out from behind the tree to greet him.

The bunny said, "My name is Snowball. What’s yours?"

"My name is Starlet." I said happily.

Snowball said, "Sorry that I scared you. I was scared when I heard something walking in the thick grass. I thought it was a reckless monster!"

Snowball was all white with black tips on his ears, and tail. He also had brown curious eyes.

"So, what do you want to do?" said Snowball.

"I don’t know. Let’s explore!" I said excitedly.

We started to walk (and hop) on the thick grass toward a small trickling stream. We bent our heads and started drinking.

Suddenly, we heard a loud howl within the forest. It was a low-like howl. Snowball and I were so scared that we leaped out from our skins!

A low nerve shaking voice came from the shadows from the forest. "My name is Nakou, howler of the moon!"

We saw dark red eyes coming out from the darkness of the trees. It was a young dark gray wolf.

Snowball whispered in my ear very worriedly, "Wolves are our nightmares and our vicious enemies!"

Nakou got out his claws and attacked me, in which I kicked him in his stomach.

Nakou said in pain, "Hey! I’m just fooling around with you guys! HaHaHa! Ouch!"

We were really mad at him.

"Hi", said Snowball, " my name is Snowball, and this is Starlet."

"Hey, do you want to take a walk?" Nakou said politely and still in pain.

"Sure!" we both said.

We started walking, and suddenly we came upon a great big waterfall thrashing into a hole.

Nakou said," This is Starlet Falls."

"Hey! Just like my name!" I said, surprised.

Gazing at me, Snowball’s eyes widened when they focused on the white stripe going down my tail.

"Starlet, why do you have a white stripe going down your tail?" Snowball said.

I responded, "My father, Torno, said that I got it from Zorono. And now I’m under a curse. And something bad could happen, like I could die."

Nakou and Snowball were shocked.

Nakou (still shocked) said, "Are you serious!?"

"Yes. Well at least that is what my father told me." I said.

"Well, I don’t believe it!" Snowball said angrily.

"Hey-let’s look down it. I want to see how far it drops down!" Said Nakou excitedly.

We walked towards it and, when I looked down, all I saw was water. I was scared because I did not know how to swim.

Suddenly my hooves started slipping. I was hanging over the thin ledge!

I screamed,"Help!!!!"

My friends started running to save me but, right when they got there……….

I fell.

They both screamed "Noooooo !!!!!"

I was gone… forever.

Darkness covered the sky seconds after I fell.

Back at Spring Meadows all of the horses were worried. My mother and father were very worried. They then saw Snowball and Nakou slowly coming out of Floral Forest, into the meadow with tears starting to come out of their eyes.

Mother and father knew something was wrong, so they both went up to them. Father said, "What happened?"

Snowball looked at Nakou sadly, Nakou looked back.

"Starlet died" Snowball said.

"What!!!!!!" father said, not understanding.

"Starlet is GONE!! She is never coming back!!" Snowball said outloud with tears coming out of his eyes. Mother and father’s eyes started to water. Mother’s tear came first.

Suddenly, all of the horses started to nay in sorrow because Snowball yelled in sadness.

Father put his neck around mother’s neck as the tears ran down their faces.

Now that is what I told you. You probably will remember this forever and ever. I was there when everyone started to shed their tears for me. Zorono will be back with more curses and deaths. Mother, father, and friends, I must go to the heavens where I will rest forever.

The End





Later that day I asked if I could go take walk in Floral Forest.

Submitted: May 27, 2009

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Sam Heath

Not what I normally read. Not the best that I've read. But it was worth a read :D

Thu, August 13th, 2009 7:41pm

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