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The story about life itself

Submitted: May 14, 2013

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Submitted: May 14, 2013




The summer  mornings  were  in  the  student’s  dreams,  while  they  were  sitting,  sleeping,  talking  and  studying  in  the  school  of  the  Far  West,  the  district  of  the  city  called  the  West.  The students of  this  school  were  ordinary  teenagers,  who  hated  school  and  were  just  angry  with  the  whole  world.

“ZING,  ZING,  ZING”  Terrible  sound,  the  ring  rang.  Lunchtime.  In the school cafeteria everyone is divided  into  groups  of  people.  Some are considered cool, some not. In the dirty and unpleasant canteen where walls  and  floors  were  not  washed  well,  in  the  left  corner  Alvonso  and  Invons  were  sitting,  like  they  sit  everyday.  They  were  talking  until  they  realized  that  everybody was  going  outside.

“Fight,  fight!”  they  heard.The  back  yard  of  the  school  was  full  of  pupils,  who  made  a  small circle. “Scarecrow!” one boy cried. “Betrayer” another added. The small girl from the circle started to speak “Everyone!” she said with the tone that teachers are using to remind pupils that they are crossing the line and they should do the work that they are supposed to “She is a betrayer!” she continued “Because of her we did not go on the fieldtrip to Disneyland! She reviled the truth to the teacher! She told her that we missed the class and that we spent the fundraising on movie tickets! She should be punished! Boycott her! Ignore her! Make her pay!” These evil words from the mouth of that short girl made the crowed more savage like .  In  the  middle  of  it,  the  tall,  thin  girl  was  standing,  crying  and  shaking  like  a  scared  little rabbit  behind  the  wolf. When  Alvonso  and  Invons  arrived,  the  girl  was  lying  on  the ground.  The  blood  was  bleeding  from  her  nose,  and  everybody  was  laughing. The  boy in the crowed  had  hit her.  Alvonso  ran  into  the  middle  of  the  circle  and  shouted ”Stop!”,  so  loudly  that  no  one hesitated  to  stop  talking  and  laughing.  Then  he  went  to  the  boy  and  hit  him.  The  boy  fell  down, and  after  five  minutes  everybody  was  at  school.

The  next  week  the  whole  school  treated  Alvonso  with  indignity  and  anger,  even  the  girl  whom he  saved.  Bit  by  bit  even  Invons’s  attitude  to  Alvonso  worsened,  but  still  it  was  alright.

On  the  shiny  and  calm  weekend  evening  Alvonso  and  Invons  walked  home  from  the  cinema.  The  way  from  the  movie  theater  to  their  houses  was  through  the  cliffs.  When  they  got  close  to the  cliffs,  they  realized  that  a  crowd  had  followed  them.  They  stopped.  The  leader  of  this  crowd  was  the  boy  beaten  by  Alvonso.  They  began  to  shout  at  each  other.  The  boy  was  asking  Alvonso  to  apologize.  “No,no, no!” was  the  answer  to  him.  The  crowd  came  closer  and they  wanted  to  fight.  They  all  were  standing  in  a  half  moon  shape.  Then  the  terrible  thing happened,  Invons  crossed  to  the  other  side.  The  betrayal  struck  Alvonso;  hope  and  everything  he was  standing  for  disappeared  in  one  motion.  Then  Invons  pushed  him  into  the  darkness. 


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