Harry Potter and the Strange American Transfer Student

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Nine year old Harry Potter is discovered crying behind the school building by a very curious American transfer student

Submitted: June 08, 2011

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Submitted: June 08, 2011



Harry ran to his usual hiding spot, finally shaking his cousin's, Dudley, gang. He sat in a soft patch of grass, holding bruised ribs and grasping for breath. He was tired. He didn't think he could ever be this tired. He was tired of Dudley's constant beatings. He was tired of his teachers thinking he was no good. He was tired of his aunt and uncle's constant abuse. He was just tired. And while thinking on all the things exhausting him, he found he had to hold back tears. An art he had nearly mastered. He gulped and whimpered and pressed a baggy sleave to his eyes, dabbing away escaping tears. He didn't notice a shaddow looming over him.

"Are you crying?" Harry jumped at the voice, turning to look straight into the eyes of a girl he had never seen before. She was about as tall as him with long, straight, brown hair and matching brown eyes. She wore a yellow sun dress decorated with small, orange flowers and matching yellow shoes. She was holding a school bag on her shoulder. She offered her hand to the boy and helped him to his feet. Harry brushed himself off then quickly turned away to hide the still escaping tears. ''I'm sorry if I scared you" The girl said apologetically. "I didn't mean to. I just heard crying and I thought I should help whoever it was" Harry wiped his eyes and turned to look at the girl again. She gave a small smile as if to let him know she was friendly. A friendly face. It was something so foreign to him he didn't know how to react. He just sort of stood there, embarrassing tears streaming down his pale cheeks. He gulped and whispered something he couldn't even make out. He thought he was saying thank you. The girl smiled even wider and reached into her bag. She pulled out a white daisy and handed it to him. Harry reached for it with a stiff arm. What was he supposed to do with it. "It's to make you feel better" Said the girl smiling. "It's a daisy. My daddy says my mommy named me after daisies because they were her favorite flower. They make me feel better when I'm sad. Maybe they'll make you feel better too" And with that, the girl, who Harry now knew was named Daisy, turned on her heel and left. Harry stared at the little white daisy and sniffed it.

"She had a funny accent" He muttered to himself.

Later that evening over dinner Harry mustered up the courage to ask his Aunt Petunia a forbidden question about his parents.

"They're names were Lily and James" His aunt answered impatiently. "Don't ask questions"

His mother had been named after a flower too. He looked at the daisy that sat on the small bedside table in his small cupboard. Oddly enough, it did make him feel better.

The next day Harry sat in his hiding spot hoping that the strange girl would show up again. Much to his delight she walked timidly towards him, a small smile on her face.

"Hello" She greeted the boy and sat down next to him. Harry opened his mouth to return his greeting, but found himself so dumbfounded by this strange girl he could only manage a "ha". A deep red blush filled his cheecks, and his eyes flicked down to his worn shoes. Daisy giggled and set her bag down infront of her. "It's ok if you can't talk. I didn't like to talk at my old school either" She looked at Harry with her kind, brown eyes and reached into the school bag Harry could only assume was filled with flowers. Instead she pulled out two chocolate puddings and two plastic spoons. She offered one to Harry who accepted graciously. They sat and ate and Daisy started sharing stories of her life.

Harry had learned that she was from the United States, which explained her accent, from a state called Pennsylvania. She had turned nine in March and had gotten her current T-shirt as a birthday present. "Isn't it cool?" She asked. Daisy Margaret Hammer was her full name. She had a little sister named Chelsea who was described as a little brat. "She's alright sometimes" Daisy remarked. Harry listened as she listed more things about herself from her favorite color to her favorite book. He smiled and listened intently, wanting to know every detail about this girl. And then she said something that made Harry's heart plummet into his stomach. "My mommy died when I was six" Harry stared, mouth wide open as he watched the little girl drop her gaze to her shoes. He found himself putting a comforting hand on her shoulder. And then, for the first time since meeting this girl, he spoke.

"My mom is dead too" He said. "Both my parents are. In a car crash when I was a baby. I never knew them" Daisy reached for his hand and held it firmly in her's.

"You miss them anyway, don't you?" She asked. Harry nodded and squeezed Daisy's hand.

"I wish they hadn't. I hate living with my awful relatives. They're dreadful" Daisy looked at Harry as if urging him to go on about his life. And he did. He told her about his scar, his horrible relatives, how he had no friends, his cousin's constant abuse. And Daisy listened. And she cared. As they parted Harry made a promise to see her tomorrow at this same spot. She agreed and ran off to home. As Harry walked home he smiled, happy that he had finally made a friend.

For the next couple of months the pair continued on that way. Meeting at the hiding spot behind the school, sharing a snack, talking about their lives. Harry would comfort Daisy if she cried for her mother, and Harry allowed himself to cry infront of her knowing that she wouldn't yell at him or judge him. She would just hug him and comfort him.

She shared stories of the US and her favorite places there. Harry would tell her stories of all the odd things that would happen in his life. And he was surprised to learn that strange things would also happen to her. The two became insepperable. Harry was even able to sneak away for a few hours to visit Daisy's house.

"You're welcome here anytime, Harry" Her father said. He was a nice man. Harry would come home everyday to his usual nightmare, but he would find it slightly more bearable with the thought of his meetings with Daisy on his mind everyday.

And then one day, it happened. A vase had fallen over and brokenand Harry had been blamed for it. He had been no where near it and had done nothing to even shake the table it was resting on. However, he was blamed for it and was sentenced to his usual punishment. Cupboard. For a week. No going out to play. That was the part that had broken his heart the most. He couldn't leave the house. He had no way of letting Daisy know. They were on summer holiday so he couldn't inform her at school. He was trapped. And he would be letting his only friend down.

The next week was awful. Harry could do nothing more than sit in his room and hope and pray that the week would go by fast. But to his dismay the hours ticked away ever so slowly to the point where Harry was convinced that time had stopped altogether. Finally, after the most painstaking week of his life, Harry was set free from his punishment. The first thing he did was rush out of the door to the school, behing the building, and to his hiding place. There was no sign of Daisy.

"I'll wait" He said to himself. He sat and he waited. Hours went by but there was no sign of his companion. He sat in the hot July day. The day of his birthday come to think of it. It would be another awful birthday at home, but when Daisy got there it would be the best. He hoped she would be there soon. He passed the time thinking about what life would be like if he and Daisy were friends forever. The movies they would see together, trips to the park. The possibilities were endless. But his spirits were lowering every second as he watched the sun begin to set. Daisy wasn't coiming. He sighed and stood up to leave when he heard soft footsteps behind him. He truned around and a wide grin spread on his lips. "Daisy!" He exclaimed.

"Hi Harry" Daisy answered back. "Where have you been?"

"I was punished to my room for the whole week. I wish I could have told you, but I didn't have a way. I'm so sorry Daisy" He looked to the girl and saw that she was holding back tears. "Please don't cry" He pleaded. Daisy sniffed and sighed. She turned to Harry, who was surprised to see so much pain in her eyes.

"Harry, I'm moving back to America. We leave tomorrow. I won't see you anymore" She let out a sob. Harry could do nothing but stare, mouth agap, and feel his heart break into a million pieces. How could he be losing his best friend so soon? He just got her.

"You won't come back" Harry stated. Daisy shook her head and cried more. "You're my best friend" He said to the crying girl. Daisy nodded her head and sniffed.

"Y-you're mine t-t-too" She said through sobs. "I-I know it's your b-b-birthday. I got you something" She reached into her bag and pulled out a hair clip in the shape of a daisy. Harry took it and held it tightly. "It's to remember me by" She gave her best friend one last hug. "Goodbye, Harry" And with that, she was gone.

As the years went by, Harry lost that hair clip. His memory of Daisy also faded, but was never completely gone. Those old memories were replaced by ones of Ron and Hermoine, Ginny on their wedding day, and the many friends he had gained since he discovered he was a wizard. The American girl would cross his mind every now and again. Which is why it was such a surprise when he and Ginny walked pass a woman in Diagon ally, who had amazing long brown hair with a clip in the shape of a daisy, and a daughter who looked exactly like the young girl from his past. He stopped and turned to look at the little girl. She was Daisy's spitting image. Brown hair, brown eyes, she even wore a floral dress. The girl caught eyes with Harry and tugged on the sleeve of her mother. And Harry's eyes widened as the girl who was his first friend turned to meet his gaze.

The adult version of Daisy dropped the book she was buying and stared at the man her childhood friend had become. And when she spoke Harry knew it was her.

"Harry?" She asked taking a step towards him. "Harry Potter?"

"Hello Daisy" Harry said grinning. He ran to the woman and grabbed her in a hug. She returned the hug, squeazing him, drinking in the years that they missed.

"Harry, who's this?" Ginny asked.

"Mom, how do you know Harry Potter?" Daisy's daughter asked. Daisy and Harry shared a smile and agreed to sit down to lunch with their families.

Harry and Ginny were joined by their three children, and Daisy along with her daughter was joined by Daisy's husband. They swapped stories and chatted about "the good old days". Conversation peppered with "Remember when" and "That one time when" and "Did your family ever". Harry told Daisy about his many adventures in Hogwarts. The loss of friends and family, but how he ended up happy in the end. Daisy told Harry how she discovered she was a witch shortly after moving back to America. She was enrolled in Spellmaster Academy where she met her husband, Mitchel. They had their daughter, Mallory, and relocated to England about two years ago.

"Boy, how time flies" Daisy remarked. "And to think, Harry, you were my first crush" Harry felt his cheeks go red.

"Oh stop. We were only nine. We weren't even supposed to like the opposite sex" All the adults giggled. Harry and Ginny gathered their things, as did Daisy and her family.

"So Mallory and Lily will be attending school together" Daisy stated, patting Mallory on the head. "Let's get together soon"

"That would be nice" Harry agreed. And they parted ways.

"The world really is small" Ginny commented as they readied themselves to leave Diagon.

"I suppose so" Harry responded. He looked behind him and smiled at the shrinking form of his first best friend. And thought back to when he first met her. That first day when he was Harry Potter, the boy noone liked, and she was the strange American transfer student.

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