He could only stare

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I wrote this when a friend of mine admitted his long standing high school crush on me. I let him know I felt the same way. I think this poem accurately portrays any teenager's crush on someone they deem unapproachable. I hope you enjoy

Submitted: December 29, 2011

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Submitted: December 29, 2011



He could only stare

As she walked, no waltzed, past him

Her hips swaying back and forth

Complimented by tight, black denim

And he wants to touch her

But he can only stare.

He stares as she makes her way to him

She flips her hair, and for a moment he can smell her

He is intoxicated

He watches those hips sway

And her arms rise

And her back arch

And he stares at that girl

The girl that should be his

The girl that he could love

As she wraps her arms around him

And he knows she has no idea

That the man she holds will hurt her

And this fool that stares would never hurt her

He wishes to hold her

He wants to talk to her

She seems so easy going

But he's frightened of rejection

So he just stares

He stares from across the black top

As the girl adjusts her uniform

And he can still smell her

She's only a few feet from him

So close, he could be holding her in seconds

But instead, he just stares

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