Party in the dumping ground

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Children Stories  |  House: Booksie Classic

My Tracy Beaker Returns story!


One bright, sunny morning in the dumping ground, Tee, Carmen and Lily awoke with a HUGE yawn. They were sleeping in Tees room that night. "Morning Tee, morning Carmen!!" Lily enthusiastically said. "Mo-rning Lil" Carmen yawned. Tee tried to say morning to Lily, but her voice had gone!! "Tee!," Carmen said, shocked. "Whats happened to your voice!?" Noone knew how Tee had lost her voice but they tried to help her get it back. Tee rested in bed for the whole day, while Lily and Carmen bought her icecream, juice, milk, books and anything else Tee wanted. "Thankyou guys, your such great friends" Tee croaked. Meanwhile, Toby was doing research on what could be wrong with Tee's voice. Toby suddenly shouted out, "Oh my gosh! I think Tee might have tonsilitus!!" Tee sighed, she was fed up now that she had found out what was wrong with her voice. Suddenly, Sapphire came running in screaming "Mike and Gina are gone!" Everyone gasped. "Oh no! How are me Carms, and Tee gonna get to Hayleys sleepover!?" Lily moaned. Everyone sat around the dumping ground, fed up for the rest of the day. It was 6.00 at night. "GUYS! THE SLEEPOVER!" Carmen screamed. Sapphire felt bad for Lily, Tee and Carmen, so she said "I'll walk you to Hayleys house, go and get your bags. Toby, your in charge while im gone" Carmen, Tee and Lily jumped up and down in excitment.
When they reached Hayleys house, Hayley's mum came to the door and said 'Girls, im afraid Hayley has gotten Tonsilitus, and we have had to cancel the sleepover. Im so sorry" Lily gasped, "Thats what Tee has!!" Sapphire, Lily, Tee and Carmen walked back to the dumping ground with a miserable frown on their faces. "Im sorry girls, but we can have fun at the dumping ground right,?" Sapphire said sorrowfully, but the girls didnt seem to pleased. "OMG I have an idea!! Lets throw a party!" She suddenley screamed.
The girls returned to the dumping ground. "WERE HAVING A PARTY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" Carmen ALMOST screamed the house down! "Carmen we told you not to say anything!" Said Tee, quietly. Jonny, Toby & Liam all ran over to the girls. "Can I invite some friends?" Said the girls. "Can I put together a video to play at the party?" Said Jonny. "Music!, We need music!" Exclaimed Liam. "I'll help!!" Shouted Toby. "Look, do whatever you like, im going to go and invite Amelia, Emily, Holly, Amy and Rosie." Sapphire said cheerfully.
An hour later, Gus & Frank had made decorations, Tee had made party outfits, Lily cut up peices of tinsel to make confetti, Carmen had decorated the living room, Jonny had created a video of all of their memories from the dumping ground, Liam had created a CD full of everyones favourite songs and the others were setting out party food. They were ready.
*Ding dong* The first party guests were here. Gus was on door duty, so he put on a security guard iniform too. 20 minutes later, and everyone had arrived. They were having so much fun! "THIS PARTY ROCKS!" Tee screamed. "Tee!! Your voice is back!" Exclaimed Lily with happiness. I guess it is. *Ding dong* The door went again, who could that be? Tee ran to the door and opened it, because Gus was in the bathroom. It was Hayley! "Hi, my voice is better, so you guys can come and stay over now if you want?" She said. "We are having a party in here, you can come in if you like, then we can go to yours??" Lily asked. "Great!" Hayley exitedly said.
An hour had passed, "We should go to mine now or my mum will wonder whats going on," Hayley said. "Lily, can I use your phone to phone my mum and tell her were on our way please?" 
"Yeah, sure, its just up in my bag" She replied. They went upstairs to get the bags and Lilys phone when suddenley Harry jumped out of Lily's bag and scared her. "AHHHHHH! HARRY! YOU SCARED ME!" Lily screamed. "Sorry Lily" He said cutley.
"Thats okay Harry, why dont you go and find Sapphire"
Lily, Carmen, Tee & Hayley were about to leave. They opened the door and in walked.....MIKE AND GINA!
"What's going on here!?" Exclaimed Mike. 
"Well, you and Gina were gone - no one knew where - and, the girls sleepover got cancelled so I said we can throw them a party, but then their sleepover was back on but you turned up" Sapphire said guiltily. 
"Look, Mike were really sorry, its not all Sapphires fault, I suggested we have a party" Said Carmen, sorrowfully.
"So did I" Muttered Lily.
"Let me guess, you too Tee? Look all of you, just go to bed, GO ON!" Gina almost screamed down the whole of Elmtree house! Mike and Gina went down to the office and discussed a punishment for the kids' "Hold on, wheres Tracy?" Said Mike, reaching for the phone. He dialed Tracys number 5 times before she finally picked up! "TRACY! WHERE ARE YOU!?" Mike screamed down the phone.
"Mike, im so sorry, I though Cam phone you. Im at home, sick" Tracy sniffed
"Oh, I-i'm sorry, I didnt realise"
"Its okay, bye Mike"
"See ya Tracy"
Mike turned around in his swivel chair, and forced his head into his hand, sighing. "What up with you?" Asked Gina.
"Its Tracy, shes sick too. This virus is terrible!"
"Hey guys, wheres Mike?" Said Tracy, strolling casually into the dumping ground.
"Kitchen" Said Toby.
"Hey Mike, whats up?"
"Tracy!- Its the virius, the one you had, its very serious, and your gonna need to go to the doctors for treatment"
"What? But im better now?"
"Thats what you thought.."
"Tracy, Tracy! Jeff wants to play hide and seek!" Screamed Harry running into the kitchen.
"Look, Tracy is busy right now so why dont you - and Jeff - go and find Sapphire? Okay" Said Mike.
Harry ran off in dissapointment while Tracy left to the doctors.
Two hours later, Tracy returned the the dumping ground. She had great news! The virus was a fake, just somthing everyone belived was real, but it wasnt! To celebrate, all the kids had a REAL party at the dumping ground, with permission from Mike and Gina of course!!
The End

Submitted: August 03, 2011

© Copyright 2021 miamckennafangomezz. All rights reserved.

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