I'm lost...can you find me?

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Running away from the place you grew up in is hard to leave behind, but having bad memories throughout your stay may be the reason why you left in the first place...

Submitted: July 12, 2012

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Submitted: July 12, 2012




She ran her hand through her now damp hair. She’d been running in the rain for quite some time now, trying to block out everything around her. The bright metal sign shined so brightly in the dark, “Welcome to Cincinnati…” She’d realized that she was somehow holding her breath for no apparent reason. Calming herself, she let out a heavy sigh. Was it of relief? Maybe. Was it of happiness? Probably not. All she knows is that she’s far away, some place where no one knows her or even heard of her.

She smiled at the thought of finally being free, with no one to judge her, being happy because well, she just was for some crazy reason. The rain was the only sound she heard every time she took a step, *Pitter.patter.pitter.patter.* It wasn’t that chilly this rainy night, in fact it was just the mid of July. Summer. What every teen wants.

Her wet clothes stuck to her like they were glued. Her wild, curly blonde hair was now hanging just passed her breasts. Her deep-brown eyes looked up ahead, wondering if she would find him again. Her heart started doing flips just thinking about him. All of him. His cheeky adorable smile, his blue-green eyes were just like the ocean but even more amazing, and his soft pink lips. Her eyes sparkled as she remembered their very first kiss. She touched her lips softly, trying to hold onto that moment.

The night was getting deeper and she wasn’t even half-way to the city. Surprisingly, she wasn’t even tired at all, she was all giddy inside. She just couldn’t explain it. All the time they’ve spent together was always with her. In her mind, playing on replay or just stuck in her heart. Making it harder to breathe. She sighed dreamily as the dirt roads became cement roads. If she wasn’t that excited, she would’ve been scared as hell!

The rain stopped and the moon was full and largely visible on the night sky. Her hair danced with the wind as she hugged herself, walking in suck ease that it surprised her. Everything around her was calm. The crickets’ chirping was music to her. She always loved the night; it was so surreal and different.

After hours of walking she finally stopped at an average looking house, which was in a light beige color. She smiled big making the short walk to the front yard. Before she could even try to step on the pebble-stoned runway, big arms were wrapped around her. She let out a piercing scream before completely blacking out.

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