Consent to Me

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Poetry  |  House: Booksie Classic

If only I had been there.

Consent to Me


I went without,

without you my dear.

I saw the world,

with all it’s wonders,

yet of you was what I thought, of you was what I dreamt, and of you was what I spoke.

It did not take me long,

but the length of which was loose and limp,

it was too long before I knew I missed you.

I ran back so fast,

I did not stop to swim.

I flew back so far,

I did not wait to land.

I drove so bad,

I did not stop to park.

And when I found,

and I found you so,

I did not find you waiting.

Of the blood that which soaked the carpet,

laid a man of stealth.

I knew you could, and I knew you would, defend yourself.

But of the blood that which stained my clothes,

laid my beautiful bride.

Her body intact but her spirit,

this is a fact,

laid defiled and ravaged on the floor,

so very close to the door.

And of all the tears I cried,

not a single one was shed,

for the bitch who used my bed.

I will not forgive,

either him or I,

so long as you my dear,

awake at night sweating fear.

He will not be back,

you took care of that.

Some time later and you feel better,

until your food won’t stay down,

and your belly starts to show.

At first I’m happy,

then I think and see,

the child is not of my seed.

You want to kill it,

and on that I agree,

for I could not love it,

but maybe someone will.

So please my dear,

give it away,

so someone some day,

will love it unbiased and unknowing,

of the conception.

Let us forget,

and one day have our own.

But only my dear,

if you consent.


Submitted: January 13, 2014

© Copyright 2022 Miasmic Asylum. All rights reserved.

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