Deprivation of Hope: Be More than What Happens to You

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Submitted: January 13, 2014

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Submitted: January 13, 2014



Deprivation of Hope: Be More than What’s Happened to You


Crying vulgar tears

overflowing sadness

far young for funerals

voice resides speaking softly

“Goodbye” heard without noise

bloody liquid bathes

trickles from a faucet

same she said for life

now only silence leaves lips

pain spreads like fire

contagion of Autumn

ashes cremated

escape my eyes

reality won’t present

truth is pain


Remembrance affection

lies not prevalent

now so relevant

whispering pillows

trembling sheets

nothing’s sacred anymore

leave me cheating

navigate colloids

spread like butter

picked crust

empty holes fill crimson

hurdle emotions

falling face to fist

flasks and potions empty


Gasping Asthma kicking

eroding corneas

eerie screams wake and silence

knobs brand scars

heat wafts around

charred skin and long gone hair

souls sigh

escape and wait

hoses water only ash

neighbors gape their mouths

tears stain liver-spot shoulders

strangely strong arms


Wild rebellious parties

rampant Rohypnol plus broken condoms

walk or taxi

tossing key quarterback

hardly walking

yellows, greens, reds

an outdoorsman

wraps around spruce

concussion heart worries

ironic tree hugging

DWI dead while intoxicated


Fresh out degree in hand

beauty shines wearing diamond

rushed in said friends

trap door unseen

perception check, d20 anyone

without tracing, door left open

alimony sent stop calling

hate no just tired

enjoy Cancun

hang off the hook first words remind

“What’s your major? Me too...”


Met a new someone

who certain songs strike

parenting books litter

contractions seize waters flood

through pain dilated affection shines

doctor worries bringing trepidation

can’t stay screams echo

razor pendulum heart swings

can’t kick past doctor

where’s home when family’s gone


Bleach stings to audible beats

lub-dub says healthy heart

who’s going to comfort

being all grown up means nothing

liver-spot hands release

gray-white beard parts a sigh

Agnostics have no Heaven

for his sake

we’ll have ceremonies in all attire


Severance pay budgets only rent

overqualified sanitation expert

economical downturn of depression

mortgage house, home, life

sidewalk performance

kicked into gutters

discover me

give me and outlet


Eight years without mommy

daddy will hold you

not of my seed

love your blood like mine

splashing puddle pond

ankle deep rip currents

belly up fishboy no longer plays


Struggling encouraged brutality

pistol whipped crying face

judge, jury decide upon twelve years

innocence will not be preserved

join a gang

hold onto your soap


Felons can’t be trusted

when gavel strikes signs posted

thirty days leave

bought by state no longer yours

lacking passion anger’s content


Tags of dogs reminder to feral life

I.E.D. shield proves useful

you need legs to walk

for crawling not so much


Angel giving care

smiles at me jesting

yet retires when door opens


Light grenades fragment

cynical pessimism swallows


Scarcity of 5.56 prevents loss of life.


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