Paying for the sins of another

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Sometimes sharing the same name as the popular girl can get you in big trouble
Part 2 is now on the page and Part 3 is coming soon.

Submitted: August 10, 2012

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Submitted: August 10, 2012



Paying for the sins of another

It was the 5th day, 2nd week and 1st month of Jessica's captivity, she hadn't seen sunlight since exactly 10.32am on the 15th of August. She had had plenty of time to recall the exact details of what had happened. Every detail replayed in her head as if it had been left on loop. She could still feel the sun beaming down on her, the cool desert breeze blowing through her long brown hair, as she sat on the bonnet of her Green 68' Mustang waiting for the repair man to come sort her bust Tyre out. Then as she looks down at her phone for the final time she feels the wind pick up speed spraying sand across her face, she retreated to the car barely managing to gain any speed at all in her 5" heels.

She had been on her way to the High School Reunion for the class of 02. wearing a long black dress, her hair was done at the finest salon she could afford, and she was wearing minimal but almost perfectly applied makeup. She had been fearing the occasion since the day it was announced, if she had just ignored the Facebook invite or decided not to go she wouldn't be in this horrible mess. But she was and reminiscing about what could of been was not going to help.

She stumbled to the car door fumbling with her keys to try get back into the comforting leather seats and put on the latest 'Kanye West' album she had bought that same morning. But then everything went black, she hadn't even seen him the sand storm that was brewing around her had been the perfect cover for him.

Rebecca sat in her cold dark cell, wondering why she hadn't escaped yet? the attacker wasn't heavy set or muscular if anything he was a skinny, tall man with glasses and wiry arms. but somehow he was just too intimidating for Rebecca to confront physically, he had spent the last 49 days humiliating her, treating her as a pet. She had been degraded heavily, yet he had never actually raped her or had performed any form of physical sexual act upon her. he would occasionally hit or spank her through the cage but nothing ever went inside that was a part of him. Rebecca recalled the first time she had properly seen him, the poor girl was so innocent, the geek and shy girl in high school and college never seeking attention and the attention she did get was always unwanted.

This is why going to her high school reunion to rub her new found confidence and beauty. I say new found loosely she had always been beautiful, large green eyes, dark brown hair that fell just above her shoulders and anyone who could see past the 'geeky' specs, mother chosen clothing and wooly hat she wore even in the hottest of summers may have seen this. But no one ever did. It took her 3 years after college to build a real social life with carefully selected friends and eventually Evan her boyfriend after a year they were married with two children. Unfortunately none could attend the reunion due to Evans mother falling ill in her old age this was a common thing, and despite Rebecca's efforts Evan insisted she went to the reunion to rub her accomplishments in the faces of everyone there.

Rebecca, in between being the domesticated house wife her husband loved, led a life of luxury running a small firm in the city she lived (Glendale) testing products for major companies and providing feedback. Through a well thought out market plan, a closely examined panel of test candidates and the best feedback of any company if the field 'R&CO' was raking in money. The companies offered between £50 - £500 for every innovation, fault or improvement that was sent back to them. As the panel consisted of people from ages 11 - 65 of backgrounds ranging from bankers and college students to house wives and the unemployed the feedback was exactly what the companies needed. I digress.

Rebecca's situation was no more that of the average horror film, one which you see from your couch and offer suggestions and mock the stupidity of the character for (something Rebbecca did all the time) however now it was her, she was in the 6 foot by 8 foot cage, the bars spaced in a perfect way that allowed her to believe escape was possible but as she found in the first week it wasn't. she had spat on the bars for some form of lubrication and squeezed her head through the gap cutting her ear and tearing clumps of thick brown hair out as she did. She was trapped for the first four days with her neck being enclosed between the bars, every so often the man would appear and tell her how stupid she was as he fed her his leftovers from his lovely meal with his family upstairs, all of whom were aware of his new 'pet' but none wished to interfere out of fear of him so ignored her.
Eventually the man she now on the fourth day knew was named Derek allowed her to be free from her trap he cut the bar and she jolted back into the corner of the cage she now resided in. The bar had been cut and bended in a way that would make escape possible but the bars would cut her very deeply if she tried. This combined with her past humiliation and wish to remain alive for the sake of her children caused her to sit in her corner and remain quiet.

"morning, Rebecca. how are we feeling today?" asked Derek, Rebecca didn't move she continued staring at her feet in the fetal position contemplating what to say. "Are we not talking today? no? anyway I would like you to meet James, hes my son" Rebecca looked up, a new person? surely he might help. She looked up, he was wearing black socks riddled with holes, blue jeans and a white T-shirt. she looked at his face, he was disfigured his face bulged out as if it had been stung by an entire wasp nest. His eyes were both lazy and only managed to make eye contact with hers for a brief moment. James' hair was thin and black, the few teeth he had were yellow and rotting just like his dads. "Daddy is she mine now?" asked James his words slurred as he spoke and his eyes lit up with excitement when Derek answered
"yes son all yours. Now go see mummy while i have a word with Becky here." "Ok daddy. Thank you so much" he shouted and a bit of spit caught Rebecca in the eye as he said it.
He ran off upstairs and slammed the door behind him. "Becky listen, he was bullied real bad in school by popular girls like you, remember how you used to bully me?" Rebecca was shocked she had never hurt anyone, she had been bullied by people and even if she had this was not the way to deal with it she thought. "Well Becky listen, i will let you leave if you have sex with my boy, no complaining and if you must fake it do so, he wants the real dating experience so it will be 3 dates you take him alright?" Rebecca didn't respond she was trying to remember Derek and see if she could work out who he was referring to as the bully.

Rebecca sat there contemplating something that had never crossed her mind inbetween thoughts of escapes and her fate. Rebecca lived in a lovely house in Glendal never really setting foot in her home town of Las Vegas. The trip was a short desert drive well if not for major road works it would have been and Rebecca was running late as it was so Rebecca took the dirt road off the main highway to make up for lost time. She loved doing this; the Mustang would slide at every corner and since no one ever took the same route it was a private raceway. Rebecca despite her very polite and well behaved manor as well as her old Geeky tendencies was a lover of the adrenaline rush you get from doing stupid things. Well little did she know that all this time Derek was watching he had learnt the addresses of the two Rebeccas attending both beautiful both rich both relatively successful inthere career. But something drew him to the wrong Rebecca; Derek was mislead simply by the fact Miss Sharpe had had extensive plastic surgery and looked different to how he remembered where as Mrs Shaw was a face he could place from the school...He set the spike trap and waited. Then when the sandstorm hit it was all too perfect.

"Please Derek, I'm not who you think I am, my name is Rebecca Shaw, I went LA Junior High, I was bullied by the popular kids and jocks as well. Please believe me!" she yelled. Derek looked at her and stared deep into her eyes, "you lying bitch, you can't stop can you? you haven't changed one bit, you made my life hell! now its my turn, that prank you pulled left me in hospital for 8 months! a year later I finally started to forget my old life. then i run into Martin Prescott at the gas station, Remember him your Jock boyfriend?" Rebecca did remember but not as a boyfriend but as the man who would bump into her in the corridor and knock her down, the man who she had been friends with at a young age only for him to grow up and resent her for the simple reason 'she wasn't cool' or 'hot' enough to be seen with him and then one day he stops to speak to her, it started well but then his friends appeared. the situation changed, he had grabbed her and pushed her away calling her a 'frigid bitch' for not making out with him when she lucky enough to be near him. He then took it one step further, he hit a new low and slapped her calling her pathetic as he did for not standing up for her self.

"ARE YOU EVEN LISTENING!" screamed Derek who had continued talking while she day dreamed. "arrogant, self centered bastard he is, made a massive deal about your little reunion, well I wasn't invited obviously but then i saw you broken down, side of the road dressed like the Prom Queen you were and I jumped at the opportunity to get revenge"

It was coming back to Rebecca, the prank, it was the last day of high school. Everyone was off back to Rebecca 'Becky' Sharpe's house for the after party. And even Rebecca the geek was invited, but she didn't go besides the level of status updates and video/picture uploads to Twitter and Facebook meant you could watch it through the PC screen. Becky had invited Derek to what he naively thought was a one to one date, he arrived roses in hand, green and black plaid shirt and black jeans with blue sneakers, if he had a fashion sense he would of known the disaster he looked. unlike the hundreds of well dressed or barely clothed at all students already there they knew he looked stupid and once he opened the gate he was met by laughter and ridicule followed by a black bag over his head. Becky was from money and made it known to everyone who would meet her through designer clothes and her BMW at just 18 years old. Anyway she had a pool and a 16 Foot diving board from which Derek hung upside down and naked from. He was crying tears plummeted to the pool below but he was not met with sympathy just a speech from Becky

"This is Derek Long-strum a pathetic example of a man, note the small cock that he can't even blame on the cold weather as its summer" this of course was met by a drunken cheers which Becky hushed when she felt the novelty wear thin "As you all know after the holiday we go to College, a place were we can drink, fuck and be errr educated I guess" Met by more cheers. This was true of Becky she may have been Prom Queen and the most popular girl who could get away with being a drunken slut 20% of the time but she was actually smart, with continuous A's in all her subjects. "This is an example of a man we won't be seeing in college because even if his kind do get in, it is people like us who control the social hierachy and we will not allow his kind to exsist" This drunken rambling was so obnoxious it had caused Rebecca to punch her Mac computer screen. Then the rope was cut and he fell head first into the pool arms and legs tied, he had hit his head on the pool floor and when he surfaced was face down. He was found ten miles from Beckys house naked with nothing but his driving lisence taped to his chest. They had even kept the money in the wallet.

"Please Derek you must have seen my purse, it has my details in it and everything" infact he had not, everything that could prove her innocence was under the seat in her handbag. In the mustang that Derek had used his tow truck to knock into the rather deep ditch a mile up the road to make it look like a bad crash, he had then torched the car and its contents leaving the drivers side door open to make it look like she had escaped and was lost in the surrounding desert. The Sand storm had been the perfect cover, she would of lost track of the road and been disorientated from the crash, the combination of injury, her outfit and heat would mean she couldnt get far but Derek knew that the officials would assume that she was dead and the body buried in the sand. He ignord her protest and returned up stairs, before shouting down "your first date is tomorrow at noon"

I really hope you enjoyed the story and any feed back would be appreciated.

Part 2 is on my page now, I hope as many people take the time to read it as they did this.

Thank you - Michael

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