Paying for the sins of another Pt. 2

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Rebecca's punishment continues as the first date arrives

Submitted: August 22, 2012

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Submitted: August 22, 2012



Paying for the sins of another Pt. 2

(After writing the first under the description of Horror I have realised it is more Thriller and I do intend on stepping it up)

Rebecca sat in the cage as the door slammed behind Derek. She began to frantically look for ways to prove her innocence but there were non Derek was sure it was her and he would not be reasoned with. Rebecca for what felt like the millionth time looked around the room for anything that she could use she could use the broom that was about a foot away to brey Derek with but it would be no use he did not keep the cage key on him. She didn't know where it was kept, it could be anywhere in the house. She had given in screaming after her third beating, she had screamed till her lungs began to hurt, her throat and mouth had dried she was in pain, dehydrated and scared. Well waking up in a pitch black room to the sound of rats scurrying and the wind howling outside. She had however scared Dereks wife and daughter who Rebecca could hear crying and yelling at Derek to make her stop, as if they were the ones being kept hostage.

"Rebecca please be quiet, it is in your best interest to be QUIET!" Derek screamed at her, at this point Rebecca couldn't see Dereks scrony physique she could just hear the loud voice, it had such power and made Rebecca cower back into her cage too scared to respond.

Now, judging by pure guess work, it was around 1am on the day her 'date' and she was 11 hours from her date. What would it be? a lunch? a trip to cinema? would they risk taking her into public and if they did how would they stop her from running to the police?

10.30am "Wake up, Becky time for our date" It was James he was gripping two of the bars and staring right at Rebecca. Rebecca woke up and jumped at the sight of James staring down at her, breathing heavily and drooling. It wasn't his fault it was Derek who was pulling the strings and making James think this was all 'legitimate'. "Becky my daddy said you were a bitch to him at school. what did you do? why does he hate you? I really don't want him to not like my new girlfriend..."Rebecca was stunned, what did she say? "well James your daddy thinks I am the girl who used to bully him but he is wrong, the girl he wants is Rebecca Sharpe...not me please believe me James" "MY DADDY NEVER LIES" James said reaching through the bars and scratching at her. Rebecca was scared she didn't want to annoy him, he was just a kid no older than 16 years old she thought. She couldn't risk upsetting him too much or Derek would punish her for it and this living hell would deteriate to an even worse state of affairs. "okay James...What are we doing for our date?" James smiled the subject was much more to his liking "Becky we are going to take lovely walk up to the hills and have a Picnic, ok?" Rebecca sat staring into his excited eyes, "ok James, we will have fun right?"

It was 11am, the door at the top of the stairs creeked open and a woman entered. She had long Black hair which was clearly poorly maintained, she wore a ragged green skirt that dropped just below her knees, a plain white T shirt and a blue cardigan. The woman was clearly timid as she came down the stairs with a look of fear as if she were a child coming down stairs to be told off by her parents. The door was still open and then entered a young girl she was about 13 or maybe 14 she was reasonably attractive thought Rebecca well what she could see in the light that came from the door way anyway. The door slammed behind them and the faint orange glow of the bulb appeared as the switch was flicked. Rebecca could see more clearly now the two people who had entered, clearly mother and daughter. then the mother spoke "Becky, I think your presence in this house is a blessing in disguise, you are paying for your sins, and then you will have your chance to repent and enter the house of our saviour...My name is Charlotte and this is my daughter Chenice" Rebecca looked at the two taking note of the large cross that hung around each of their necks, the rosemary beads and then she took a second look at the clothing; the flesh on show was minimal which in the Nevada heat was unusual even for a catholic.

"Well Becky its shower time, we need you clean for my James, Chenice will show you to bathroom, now remember Becky no funny business or god help me I will let my Derek punish you in ways that would make lucifer himself cringe" As Charlotte said this her face twisted and she drew the sign of the cross on her chest. Charlotte unlocked the cage and let Rebecca out. She had been on all fours, laid down and crouched for that long she could barely walk. "Please I'm not who you..." "Oh Becky don't lie to me, lies will send you straight to hell I tell ya" Chenice grabbed Rebeccas wrist and led her up the stairs closely followed by Charlotte.

The bathroom was small, the shower was powerful and warm though and felt good on Rebecca's naked body, it had been so long since she had a proper hot wash it sure beat the occasional bowl of water, rag and a half used bar of soap which clearly had been crushed in someones fist into a small deformed shape. Even the presence of Chenice sat just outside the shower to make sure Rebecca didn't try a naked get away out of the window, Charlotte had taken many precautions with even burning the dress and high heels because "Whores of the devil wear these clothes" and she did not want the clothes influencing her christian house hold, unlike the kidnapping and caging of an innocent woman. "Becky what did you do to my dad?" Rebecca was just in the middle of applying shampoo to her hay like her which was entwined with dirt and dust from the cellar floor, "Well Chenice, I didn't do anything I didn't know your dad I promise...My name is Rebecca Shaw he wants Rebecca Sharpe, He must of got confused when he saw us on Facebook or in person I don't know but I didn't do anything I promise" Rebecca knew this was a futile effort, even if she believed her she wouldn't be able to help sway the opinions of anyone in the house. "I believe you, but I can't help you" Chenice said this with such cute and sad voice, yet she was a teenage girl and clearly the belief that defy's her parents wishes could fuel the defiance that all teenage girls have at some point in their life.

Rebecca had been defiant to her parents wishes, yet most parent would want a quiet, well mannered, intelligent and self sufficient daughter. No her parents wanted a Rebecca Sharpe a beauty queen, socialite and financial leech who would run crying to mummy and daddy every so often for help because thats what they considered normal. They had grown up being forced into the same manner that Rebecca lived and had suffered for it.

Rebecca heard the shower curtain pull back and felt someone grab her by her hair, pulling and dragging her onto the bathroom floor. It was Charlotte she had heard everything and was furiously hitting Rebecca with stick, her pale skin turned blood red with each strike some cutting her and some leaving "Devils tongue, lies thats what you fill my daughters head with" Rebecca could hardly make out much of what was being said, but eventually she was rescued "MUMMY leave Rebecca alone!" it was James crying in the door, he was standing up for her, Charlotte was in shock but she did stop only to make sure that her sons gaze was averted from Rebeccas naked 'whore body' as Charlotte had described it.

"Becky...wake up...WAKE UP!" It was Derek. Rebecca had passed out from the pain and shock of her experience in the bathroom. "now listen, after your little outburst upstairs I did this" derek was holding a picture, Rebeccas vision was not focused properly after the beating as well as the clear disregard for her head when she was thrown back in her cage, and the orange light was not helping what so ever. But Rebecca could see, the blonde haired boys in the photo, both stood in matching striped polo shirts and denim shorts on the beach, the memory was fading back she could hear the waves crashing on the beach again, the sun beaming down on her but this all decayed soon, the boys in the photo were her 7 year old identical twins Jack and Joseph "YOU BASTARD HOW DID YOU GET THAT!" Rebecca screamed at him with new found anger, tears rolled down her eyes in fear. What had he done? did he have them? were they now a bargaining tool? "Becky listen you behave now ok? or else well this picture was in a frame in the lovely house daddy bought his spoilt little girl" Rebecca looked at him, if looks could kill this would have mutilated him. "ok I will behave, I will date your son and do whatever the sick little cunt wants then I am leaving ok?" Derek smiled and calmly replied "ok Becky" with a wink.

Clothed, starved, and clean Rebecca entered the living room, her body bandaged to stop the blood leaking out and scaring her date. James walked over, he was shorter than her by a bit and certainly much fatter than most kids in her home town. But she knew escape seemed futile, although she had no restraints to keep her from doing so the risk was too severe. But on the other hand the small price of dignity for her sons safety however what fi they never let her leave? if they kept her as a pet and her kids believed she died in the wreckage. She had seen a phone in the living room but what good had that got? she could possibly get to it but who did she call? the police had already searched the house, she remembered clearly week 3 day 4.

"hello Ma'am we are investigating the crash, have you seen anyone recently?" "no sir why what happened" From the basement Rebecca could make out key workds but couldn't make a sound she had been gagged and held up against the cage wall by Derek his arms 'bear hugging' her through the bars, every so often to add insult to injury he would cop a feel of her breasts if she tried to scream through the gag, Derek had been waiting to get a grasp on her since the day he saw her however it was not her, Rebecca Sharpe was who he should of been groping, gagging and holding prisoner, but no rather than having the high maintenance slut with augmented double D breast he had her. and he did have her...and she couldn't do a thing. The police searched up stairs and even checked in the basement briefly, realising there was no light and the stairs Charlotte warned of being "troublesome and old" they ventured no further.

Rebecca was taken by the hand and led out into the houses back garden. or she could of been anywhere really they had blindfolded her to make sure she didn't get any clues as to where she could be. For all she knew she could be in the middle of the Vegas strip which as part of a prank had been made eerily quiet, but no such luck followed her.

"Beckylook!" James said tearing the blind fold off of her. The desert sun so warm you could see the heat radiating off of the ground, looking at them was like looking through a piece of distorted glass at the landscape. The yellow and gold sand of the desert all around her and James who stood on a rock which was neatly set out for the picnic, but no matter which way she looked she could see no sign of human life to be seen, not even the flashing lights of Vegas were visible. Around them was desert and towering rocks. Should she run? maybe use the bottle of cola to blugeon James and the carpet as a 'Burkha' style cloak to sheild her from the sun on her trek home? her thoughts were that of mad woman, someone you would see in a fictional episode of CSI rather than a suburban housewife with a side job product testing... But this was no ordinary situation.

"So Becky take a seat, and we will have some dinner, ok?" Rebecca sat on the carpet and waited to see what followed next. "Drink?" James asked while pouring her a glass of Cola, realising the choice was made Rebecca accepted and drank the glass instantly in fine gulp, it had been a month since anything reasonably nice had been provided to drink. The water was served in mucky bowls and glasses tainting the flavour, on top of this it was warm and clearly not fresh an extra day and it would of been stagnent.

Well, the date was coming to a close the food was gone, Rebecca had enjoyed the sandwhiches the chicken was succulent, the salad fresh and all washed down with cola and fruit juice depending on what James chose for her. The sun was setting the cool desert air brushed against her skin giving Rebecca a seemingly last feel of freedom. James was staring at her, not like before this time you could tell he had a motive, his intention to move in for a kiss...and he did, Rebecca move her head and allowed a kiss, she could feel the lips hit her cheek, the bulges of deformed skin pressed against her head long before his lips hit after a lot of repostioning. "NO Becky we kiss properly! thats all daddy said you have to do on a first date! to say thank you" James said this with such ferocity and vigour that Rebecca could tell refusal would carry much worse consequences back at the house, and worse for her kids. Rebecca moved to allow a peck on the lips and was met with two small, callas hands gripping her face and James' disfigured face lunging at her, his tongue flopping around like that of a slobbering dog licking at her lips until she opened to gasp then he locked lips. A full on kiss that lasted a full twenty seconds before Rebecca tried pulling away, only to be pulled back towards James who for a 'retarded' 16 year old was much stronger than Rebecca could of imagined. It was only when she felt a hand groping her right boob that she forced him off, "thats second base James, for the second date...ok?" she asked calmly and James realised he had got as much as he could out of the night and re-applied the blindfold to lead her home.

"JAMES LET GO" Rebecca was thrown to the ground, "now james go inside you don't wanna see this" it was Derek, "now listen here whore, i saw what yu did to my boy, rejecting him, but you did good on the comeback i guess but if he wants to do this *Derek grabbed her right breast squeezing hard* or this and with that Dereks hand shot up her skirt" "AGH please no Derek I'll be better next time i promise, stop" Derek was just toying with her slipping a finger into her panties and fiddling with the exterior of her crotch without penetrating.

Rebecca felt a hard blow to the head, then she awoke in the cage with no clothes, she felt dirty, an overflowing food bowl and water a plenty was in the cage, with the note

"Becky, we have gone into town, no fooling about though chenice is up stairs, she has a gun and the phone if you try ANYTHING"

Rebecca looked up, and outside her cage stood Chenice, she passed Rebecca a knife without making a single sound. Rebecca pondered all the possibilites, risk it all in a escape? hope they make good on the deal? take her own life and end it all?...Her boys were at home and what if Derek had gone to get one just in case she refused James' advances again, every thought a mother could have went through her mind. What could she do?

"Chenice?" the little girl had gone, no sound not even the door had made a sound when she left the basement. A second not had appeared though:

"The second date happens when they return...and they will be expecting a lot more Rebecca, I don't have a key so I cant help anymore, if i give you clothes they will know I helped, I'm sorry"

Part 3 (the final chapter) coming soon

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