Nadine's Materialism

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Nadine had everything and nothing.

Submitted: June 23, 2007

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Submitted: June 23, 2007



Nadine had everything. A Mercedes. A Hummer for recreation. A 32-room mansion with 6 housekeepers, a chef, and 2 nannies for her 5 children. A personal trainer 2 days a week to keep her toned. Tickets to the ballet and any other socialite gathering. Nothing material was out of her reach. She had everything.

She had nothing. It wasn't filling that hole she felt inside. So she went shopping. A new Armani dress, a 9 caret diamond, maybe she'd look at Cape Cod for another summer home today. No, she thought to herself, I have the book club meeting today and it's my turn to have a cater. Maybe tomorrow I'll look.

She didn't know her children. She was too busy. Her parties and luncheons and so many other activities she just couldn't miss. She wouldn't have this life if it weren't for the money.

Jonah her oldest boy was starting Yale in the fall. She didn't know what he was going to major in. Lila her eldest girl had a new boyfriend who was over almost every night. Nadine didn't know his name. The twins, Michael and Matthew had a dance recital tonight and Nadine wouldn't be there. One of the faithful nannies was taking care of that. The youngest, 3 year old PJ, was crying, right now, because he wanted his mommy and Nadine couldn't hear him.

She wouldn't have this life if it weren't for the money.

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