Truthfully wondering

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Submitted: January 06, 2012

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Submitted: January 06, 2012



If  i died when no one was looking would they notice, or would they carry on, paying no attention to reality, nor to my ending? Would the universe continue its function or would its function be changed by my perish? Would the world remain as it is, fighting, cussing, abusing, battering, or would the violence cease to admire my decease? Would anything or anybody change becuase of my fall, or will ignorance turn thier backs on my death? Will sorrow and woe fill there hearts, or will there very souls just erase me from there memory? This is a question the world has created for me and thrust onto my head. The uglieness of everyone  and there corrupted souls has created many thoughts for me but this is somehow a real question, something that in the back of my mind  i have always wondered, but have not taken note on until now. This world has changed me many times, involuntarily morphing me into something i never wanted to be. In my eyes  i am becoming a creature, but in there eyes i am becoming just another one of them, an old hollow shell of what  i was, and a writhing, pathetic worm of what i am.

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