Death is forever

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A poem about death.
Life accelerates as you get older past 50 its a blurr, of so my mentor said and he died at 59.
Bled away conjures "red" and there is a linkage between life & blood.
After death we wait for our saviour....

When alive we thank therefore we are, we tend to think primarily of ourselves and life revolves around our conciousness.
John Barrymore was a famous actor, I am alluding to the stars of today, we are so interested in their lives, long gone in years to come other generations do not know these people.
Weighed down, links sins to weighing down the soul and preventing its early rise to heaven

Red earth dye, I helped to dig the grave for a pauper, the earh was reddish brown, and standing in the grave the earth has a scent, dye is a play on die

Colors such as blue and red, golden etc contrast witht he black of death


Submitted: October 15, 2011

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Submitted: October 15, 2011



Death is Forever

I am, but a shadow in the past.

Life was a blur, away so fast.

Long have I lain here?

Waiting forlorn for my savior.

I only thought of me.

Now I think of nothing, through eternity.

No friends or family, oh no more.

Who has heard of John Barrymore?

Now only old rags, bones, and dust.

Weighed down by, sins of the past.

For me, no golden sunset or rise.

Only the scent of red earth dye.

No clear blue water, or dark night sky.

Only, time, time goes so slowly by.

Oh but if I could live again.

I would be pure good until the end.

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