Love's early Days

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A poem about the early part of my love affair, its my version of an anaphoric poem

Submitted: October 30, 2011

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Submitted: October 30, 2011




Oh for those happy days, when we first met

That smile on your face, my furtive glance, the 21st of the month

Your visit the next day,” just passing through”

Oh, that our love is no more


Your voice on the phone, magical and so silver smooth.

My heart did beat to cupid’s tune when we first spoke

Stumbling over my words, not trying to get hurt.

Then picking you up in my old black car, for dinner that night.

Oh so long, that our love is no more.


A walk by the park under the trees

Stopping by the large, old majestic tree, our tree.

Sitting on the bench, feeling the amber glow of the sunset

Hand in hand, gazing eye to eye, sitting side by side as countless generations before us had.

Oh can you believe that our love is no more.


Then you were gone, back to your cold foreign world.

Your surprise call, your lonely walk, where you could not get me out of your mind.

I accepted your spontaneous love, hoping I could love you in time, too

Talking night after night on the phone, of our future to come

How happy you were to receive my gift of the leaf from our tree

It hurts me to this day, that our love is no more

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