Thoughts of A Soldier Deployed

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A soldier deployed, thinking of the loved one they have left behind and vice versa. Wanting so bad to go back home or be amongst loved ones or friends.

Submitted: November 28, 2011

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Submitted: November 28, 2011




Thoughts Of A Soldier Deployed

by Mike Burton


A storm arises blowing it's cold air through the night sky, diminishing the fire's last coal.

Now I am left in the dark, stumbling with fear.  I wish you were here holding me close. 

It is so quiet you can hear the granules of sand rubbing against each other.

I am unable to breathe as the dead of night creeps upon me.  I have lost my way.  I am alone.  I no longer have the strength.

Our time together was short.  I wish I hadn't left.  I miss you and wish I were home.

I didn't understand but now I realize the loss a person feels when a loved one has been deployed and is left vulnerable.

We are now worlds apart and it is unbearable.  My journey now begins with my soul.

I must have the strength to move forward.  I do not know where I am or where I will be.

It was always you who guided me.  I do know that, I loved you then, I love you know, and I love you forever.

Please wait for me.  My torch burns bright and leads me into the scariest of places.

The thought of you being next to me, keeping me safe , keeps me sane. 

I must keep going because you are the treasure at the end of my rainbow of life that i seek.

The darkness and sand start to engulf me.  All seems hopeless.

The thought of you as my light, my safety, my sanity keeps me moving forward though.

I must follow these thoughts as they take me through the sand.

The winds blow strong and the sky gives a giant clap of thunder.

My visibility is blurred but, I strive forward.

Suddenly, the clouds break and the sun peaks over the horizon. 

I look beyond the dunes and see my regiment, my campsite.

I fall to my knees and thank the Lord.

I believe in my heart that it was you that truely showed me the way.

Please wait for me, my love.

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