Neon Lights

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Short tale about a man with nowhere to go.

Submitted: January 30, 2013

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Submitted: January 30, 2013



Standing under a street lamp at night, the rain pouring, coursing down my neck. As I turn the collar of my coat up and put my back to the wind I see the couples passing from the restaurants to the cinemas, hugging, laughing and all the while me standing under that lamp. Shrouded in darkness. A soft tune plays in my head as I turn my back on that world of light, neon signs over dance halls, flashing out an un-bearable light.

Like a drunk man sick of food I stepped back into the alley, up the cold sidewalk dripping with the loneliness of any forgotten place. Nothing moved here except time and myself, walking through it. I stopped outside a bar, a dive sort of place and no real sign that it was open. As I stepped inside a warm air met me and a few heads turned; regarding me with bloodshot eyes they saw nothing that would stop them drinking and went back to the 10 cents whiskey and listened to the jazz coming out of the jukebox. I found a corner and planted myself there, ordered a glass and a bottle of whiskey. The bar keep thought nothing of it, probably wouldn't have stopped me drinking 'till morning straight into the local precinct. I took my time. Every so often some girl would walk up and ask me for the time or something, I told them all my money had gone into this drink and they hit the next bum with a spare $10. After I'd had enough of the booze and the smoke I stepped back out into the street and was sobered by the cold air. I felt my face, the week old beard felt rough. I looked down at my stained shirt, badly hidden by the old trenchcoat and loose tie, it told me I needed to check in somewhere. So the bottle was dropped and I walked to the nearest cabby. Where do you want to go? 297 Westgate street. The cabby peeled off into the road, through the city and I was once again just one more guy in the crowd.

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