Ashley(What I See)

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My friend asked me to write a poem about what i saw inside of her..this is it..enjoy.

Submitted: September 30, 2009

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Submitted: September 30, 2009



Ashley(what I see)

Blank expressions hide the beauty,
That once glistened, or so it seemed.
Plagued by past failures of yesterday,
The girl that never smiles, and never dreamed.

The eyes that hold such hallow pain,
For dead is the sparkle, and the joy.
Moments of sanity come and go,
For its the hurt you must destroy.

Bitterness only finds you here,
Alone with you anger, yet again.
Learn from mistakes of today,
Forgive the anguish of others sin.

For we live but a day in this life,
And I swear to you, tomorrow is alive.
You hold the power in you heart,
And the strength to fight to live.

I see others reaching out to you,
As you fade away in your complaisance .
Grab what is left, of what you hold inside.
We cannot change what will never be.

The warmth of false affection,
Suffocates your ability to comprehend.
Its not found it what only fades,
It blinds your eyes while it pretends.

Emotionless with so much emotion,
A heart so full of words unspoken.
Scared to face your reality of what is,
Your left with a broken soul hoping.

Love is all around you everyday,
The choice is to receive it with care.
Primitive behavior leaves you speechless,
Say whats in your heart, you never dare.

You radiate the room by your presence,
For your beauty is sure to illuminate.
Insecurities is rotting away your self-confidence,
Which leaves your ego alone and desperate.

Of what need to you have now,
That you do not already have begotten?
By God's grace and joy in you,
He swears you will never be forgotten.

I am only a man on the outside,
Judging what I cannot see clearly.
But the life you have been given
Has blessed us all so very dearly

© Copyright 2017 Michael Barney. All rights reserved.

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