Mom and Dad

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This is lyrics about a bad situation.

Submitted: November 12, 2013

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Submitted: November 12, 2013



Fuckin around got a misdemeanor one

Now I can't even own a gun

Some would say its better that way

Instead of shootin I have to chase down my prey

I hail from where all these neighbors got guns

But i'm always down for a lil one on one

Imma tell you bout my life in short verses

Way before I was out there snatchin purses

See mom and dad seperated

But from what I hear a family is overrated

My grandma, saint, is a real fuckin blessin

I protect her with the force of a smith and wesson

I snort my pills so I taste the drip

I don't give a fuck, with a stolen gun on my hip

Eatin kpins you know, the muthafuckin blue ones

I ran out too soon, I'm getting more funds

So I shut these g's down

In a safehouse is where I can be found

All I wanna know is, you got the green?

Just weigh it on the digis I aint got a triple beam

Shoot at me with that 22 weapon

Watch it on my rug boy where the fuck you steppin

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