The valley of the shadow of death

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this is kinda grafic so tell me what ur honest opinion is please

Submitted: May 06, 2007

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Submitted: May 06, 2007



"As I walk through the valley of the shadow of death I fear no evil. For I am the baddest mother fucker there".

That pendent hung from his neck since he got out of the service. His wife got it for him as a gift.  God he missed him.

A twig snapped. Jolted out of his doze, it was time to set off the trap. Cutting the wire the gun went off. The hunter's blood and guts splattered against the wall.  Walking up to the hunter he took his prize.

After three years of scalping he has gotten fairly good at it. He ate a piece of the brain matter and ran back in the shadows.

Hopping and running across the next three buildings was an easy Standing over the sky light he gazed the room for his target.  A gun shot went off. He twisted and hit the floor. Grabbing the wound he jumped off the back of the building.

Quietly he landed on his fee. A trick he picked up along the way. The rain ran down his face and off his nose.  The wound was starting to ooze too much. His vision was starting to blur.

He took a deep breath and shook his head. That will fix it for a while he thought. He heard someone talking a piss. Will they ever learn? The man was wearing a suit. Not very common. For just a foot solder.

The glair form the ring hit his eyes. It was no ordinary foot solder, it was his target.

Grabbing the ball pin hammer he found about a month ago he went to work.

He grabbed the mans shoulder and twisted the man around. Before the man could realize what was happening he hit the man in the nose with the hammer.  Blood and bone splattered every where form the impact.  The man collapsed on the ground. He crouched down over the man. Hit after hit from to the temple crushed the cranium. No way for survival this time.

He took out his knife and cut out his heart. Eating it he put an end to the hell that had become his life.

"That's for putting me in this mess you son of a bitch!"

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