Zombie Powder

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This is my try at a horror strory so have fun... it's kinda long and i wouldn't read the whole thing so i don't expect u two

Submitted: April 28, 2007

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Submitted: April 28, 2007




John was sitting at the café sipping on his coffee when a mysterious black man came up to him.  He had a very disturbing look in his eyes.  It made John very nervous but John didn't think he was racist so he ignored that feeling altogether. The day was perfect (at least for John anyway) sunny, a little on the hot side but not too hot.

"Do you mind if I sit down for a little bit?" the black man said.

"No, not at all." John said.

They sat and talked for about half an hour. They talked mostly about random things like where John was from or when John left to go back to Chicago.  Never about the black man, John thought that was weird but didn't say anything.  Finally the black man asked John if he wanted to see the real Haiti. John was on the vacation of a life time so of course he wanted to go.

They went for in a drive that seemed like it went forever. John thought it was strange since the island isn't that big.  Finally they pulled up to his ranch it seemed like it was in the middle of the island (at least it seemed like it).  It rivaled any ranch in the U.S. but John had only seen a couple.  The sign on the front said Jesus loves.  John marveled at this since most of the population in Haiti believed in Voo Do.

The ranch itself was sixteen square acres.  There were a lot of people there that were working fields. They all looked like slaves but there were no masters or anything like that watching over them.  All of a sudden the word MINDLESS popped into Johns mind followed by an extreme feeling like he needed to get out of that place and never look back.  John tossed that feeling aside because he thought that that feeling was just paranoia.  John asked what was up with those people. The black man just said they are completely harmless don't worry about them.

They pulled up to the main house which looked so old that it would fall over in the next heavy rain storm.  The black man got out and yelled something in Spanish and five women came out and got all of John's baggage.  John could swear that one of the women's eyes were glazed over.  But just discarded that as a trick of the eyes.

"Hey what should I call you" John asked.

"Que. I didn't hear you"

"I said what should I call you"

"That is not important right now. You should be focusing on the beautiful sites that Haiti has to offer"

"What the slave population?" John was starting to act like a smart-ass again he hated when he acted like that, it always gave people the wrong idea of what kind of guy he was.

"I told you to ignore them" The black man said like he was trying not to look very upset (well pissed is the word most people would use) at John.

"Sorry I didn't mean anything by it."

"It's ok everyone makes mistakes" the black man smiled like he has never gotten mad in his life.  "Your bedroom is upstairs, I suggest you get settled. Dinner is in half an hour."

"Where up stairs?"

"Oh you will be able to find it easy enough"

"So what will you be doing until dinner if you don't mind me asking"

"Ahh. Good things come to those who wait."

The inside of the main building looked actually better, a lot better that the outside.  Everything was spotless and up kept perfectly. Nothing looked as old as the outside did.  John was amazed at the building when someone bumped into him, almost knocking him over.

"Excuse me senior"

"Huh, oh no problem"

The girl that bumped in to him just kept on walking like nothing even happened.  John thought that that was very strange.  But then again everything in this place seemed kind of strange.

John's room was very easy to find since it was the only room that had any luggage in it.  He wondered where everyone else slept but just assumed that they slept in the shakes he saw on his way in.  The room itself had some really crappy pink wall paper in it.  The bed looked like it was made in the 1920s for thirty bucks.  It was in the middle of the room pushed up against the only window in the room. Across from it was a dresser, nothing spectacular about the dresser.  Nothing was spectacular on the ranch.

John was sitting in his room unpacking his clothes when one of the girls walked in the room.  "The master said to come down stairs, dinner is almost ready."

"Oh sure, I'll be right there just give me a minute."

John found the upstairs bathroom easy enough it was pretty close to his room.  The bathroom was for the most part pink wallpaper just like his room.  The bathtub was one that was really old with feet on the bottom.  The toilet was one of the kind that you need to pull the chain from up above to flush it.  The sink was sitting in front of a mirror and was probably one of the most impressive things in the old house that wasn't over fifty years old.

John walked in, turned the light on and shut the door behind him.  He poured water in his hands and wet his face. He looked in the mirror and saw and image of himself that looked like he was just a shell of a man.  Shocked, he blinked and shook his head.  He opened his eyes and all he saw was the same face he had seen all his life.  He washed his hands but made special attention not to look at the mirror.

He went down stairs and found the master of the house, the black man he met in the café.  He was standing outside of the kitchen talking to one of the woman that worked at the ranch.  When John walked over to the master of the ranch the woman he was talking to walked back into the kitchen.  When the door swung open John could swear that he saw at least one human corpse.  He could not believe what he saw. He was mesmerized by it. 

"Ahh well if it isn't the man of the hour," the black man said.

John jumped, "Oh you scared me. When does dinner start?"

"It was just about to actually. Follow me to the dining room"

John followed the master of the ranch into the dining room.  There was a table there that was very big; it almost took up the entire room.  There were two chairs on each end of the table. On the sides there were more chairs than John cared to count.  The black man motioned John to sit at one of the seats on the sides.  The man in black went to his seat at the end of the table in a huge extravagant chair.  John felt a little intimidated by the chair and the power that it suggested.

John and the black man made small talk until the servants of the house came in with the food.  They brought out what John thought was a feast made for a king. There was everything you could think of and a pig with an apple in its mouth, and a turkey that looked like it was made perfect.

"Is there going to be company joining us?"

"No that is for me. This is for you."  A servant brought out a plate of food on it that had some slices of meat on it covered in a white powder.

"What's that?"

"You don't know? Its meat."

"No. On top of that."

"Just eat it; it will be good for you"

"Are we going to say a pray or something first?"

The black man slammed his fist on the table and yelled, "We will have no talk of Christianity in this house." Through his teeth he said "do you understand me?"

"Sorry I d-didn't know."

John started to eat the meat. The meat was really stringy and it didn't taste like any meat he had ever tasted.  He thought back to when he thought he saw the human corpses in the kitchen but decided to keep eating so he didn't piss off the master any more than he already had.  The white powder didn't have any taste that John could tell, but he was focused on whether he was eating human or not.  When he was done he leaned back in his chair like he always did when he was always done eating.  The black man was just starting to eat his meal so John decided to wait and not say anything until he was done.

After a minute of waiting John started to see things moving on the walls. He was very freaked out about that.  When he decided to get up to go to the bathroom his throat felt like it was caving in on itself. He grabbed his throat as if to tell the black man he met in the café he was choking.  It was useless, the master of the ranch was just sitting there smiling, eating his king-feast.  John collapsed onto the floor.  He was laying on the floor trying to grasp for air when he saw his vision tunneling in and he gave up. It was nothing exciting.

The master of the ranch rang a bell and ordered John to be placed with the other to be zombie slaves.

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