The Peace of Pi

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Lost and disconnected, a man spends the day shadowing his overbearing companion, waiting for enlightenment and resolve; seeking to understand a bothersome puzzle -- his life.

Submitted: March 10, 2013

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Submitted: March 10, 2013





The Peace, of Pi

by Michael Bussa

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A wry little face, he thought. “Short of stature, though tall in the boots.” Proclaimed the small figure who preened before his own reflection. He pulled at his gray, tweed, bow tie – down on the left, then tugging on the right till it was just so.

“Why should I toil?” He aimed a stubby digit at the oval mirror. “She'll not see, as ne'er, does she. I should think by this time it would be understood, that a man so small must somehow stand tall. Perhaps in tailor it could be found, since lifted shoes proved unsound.”

Her heavy, block heels pounded the first floor hall. His haste was urged for she would not call, rather, leave him for a chair, or davenport, or another such inanimate thing. What could it be? Of what crime was he guilty? He wondered. Was it such an atrocity that he should be cursed by her unbound silence?

The voices directed in their usual, even tone, “The carriage awaits, though her dress requires more – go now, on your way, you dawdling little man.”

The house spoke. The little man heard them . . .

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