The Singing Man

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Two little girls why they shouldn't play with the dolls they found in a hole in the wall down in the basement.

Submitted: April 25, 2016

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Submitted: April 25, 2016



The children played a game. The children played a game with dolls. The children played a game with dolls down in the basement. In a hole in the wall down in the basement the children played a game with dolls. The game was fun. The game of dolls was about the people in the attic. The game of dolls was fun…until it was almost done.

The two little girls waited till late at night, then they snuck out of their bedrooms. Along the long hall way and down the stairs. Cold broken dusty concrete beneath their unsocked feet. Giggling and whispering they snuck around the rarely used tool bench. In the back of the basement as far away from light as they could be the little girls removed a soggy wooden board. There the cloth dolls waited to play. The dolls were two women, a child and a man. The dolls seemed happy and content in their hole in the wall. The man stayed by the ladder that led down stairs, he came and went as he pleased. He brought the other dolls everything they could ever need or want. He always had a song to sing when he came a-climbing up the ladder.

 “This is singing man here he comes a-climbing up the ladder” Older sister said, singing man was the start of all the games and the end as well. He was how the story was told for the most part. He wore black pants, a white shirt with a black jacket and a black little tie. He was bald and wore quite a happy smile on his face.

“What song does he sing tonight big sister?” asked Younger Sister.

In the attic we will stay

Till the others go away

Let us eat and let us play

Till the third hour of the day.”

“He brought tea for mother, a book for stranger and of course sweets for child.” The older sister said making the male doll dance around as his tune echoed through her head.

“And here is child, he is quite hungry from waiting for so long, he waited all day.” Said Younger Sister. Younger Sister picked up the little boy doll, she lifted him and brought him over to collect his sweets from the singing man.

“There is stranger in her chair or is it mommy with hair so fair?” Said Older Sister. Picking up one of the female dolls she made it sit in a little rocking chair. Then rocked it back and forth.

“What is strangers name tonight?” Asked the younger sister.

“I have no clue, no name ever seems to fit her quite right. Sometimes I can’t even tell which one stranger is. Her and Mother seem so alike.” Replied the older sister.

“This one will be stranger tonight, and that one can be mommy.” Younger sister held up the littler cloth doll in one hand with a blue dress on, and waved it around moving it into the only chair in the little scene. The other doll was tossed to the side for now.

There were two beds one blue one green. There was a dresser with its drawers locked shut. There was a rug that hadn’t been washed or beat free of dust in quite some time. There was a circular table with three legs, with room enough for three of the dolls to stand around. Last but not least there was a little window with white lace curtains that almost could have been made of spider web they seemed so frail. No light came in through the window, it was painted on and made to look as if the time was night.

“What book did he bring for stranger?” said Older sister as she played with the doll in the rocking chair.

“A book of poems bound in black leather, they rhyme and everything.” Younger sister said and placed the little book on the three legged table. As she did it opened showing its thin little pages.

“I didn’t know they had a book that opened.” Said Younger sister.

“It didn’t the last few nights.” Said Older sister. A slight breeze came through the basement and turned the white pages.

“It is a special night” Younger sister says picking up the child doll.  She tore him away from the sweets that Singing Man had bought. His face was now stained with red as if he had actually been eating. “Look child’s tongue is sticking out it must be time to play the dolls’ favorite game.

“Hide and go find me.”

All the dolls but child hid their eyes so he could find a spot to hide. He tried to hide behind the curtains, but they found him. He tried to hide under the table, but they found him. He tried to hide under the bed but they forgot they were playing a game so they let him stay.

Upstairs there was a noise. The girls turned their heads up towards the floor boards as they heard one set of feet walking away from the family room toward the master bedroom. Mother must be headed off to bed.

“Singing man has checked the ladder, he has peaked on down. He sings again to tell us what was all the matter.” Older sister said.

“One hour gone into the night

Now the women start to fight

Where the child, is it out of sight

The others say to run in freight”

“Look he has brought a pillow so one of the dolls can rest its head.” Said Older sister.

“Well child’s bedtime is coming soon, it is good that the singing man is always prepared.”

“I want to play mommy tonight.” said the older sister.

“You played mommy last night, I was stranger. Now it is my turn.” Said Younger Sister.

“Stranger gets the book though. We both know the book is way more fun.”

“But I want to brush mommy’s hair.”

“Alright you play mommy. You never play with the book right anyway.”

Older Sister took hold of stranger and brought her to the window. Child snuck around her ankles the red candy stain still smeared all over his little face. Like a little monster he crawled on all fours from under one bed to the other. Stranger ignored the child and then was brought to the dresser where she seemed to be searching for a key to open its drawers. The top drawer slid open. Both of the girls tilted their heads but continued to play. As mother doll flipped through the pages, sister doll took three items out of the dresser. Out came a little black candle with its wick already orange from flame. Out came a velvet cloth so soft it seems it had been kept for special occasions. Last out came a hand mirror. They moved the table under the window. Mother and Stranger covered the table in the velvet cloth. They placed the hand mirror reflective side up and placed the candle on top of it.

“Say the words and make it so.” Younger sister said holding mother doll and making her walk around the table in circles. Older sister looked closed at the book, as close as she could get. The words were little but still just legible, one word, one page.

















A neighborhood cat screeched nearby the house startling the two girls. They stopped playing for just a moment and when they looked back the book was on its last page.

“Dead” said Older sister.

“It is far too late for child to be awake.” Younger sister said noticing that she could not find the child doll.

“Good thing singing man brought a pillow. But look child is running away. He is playing hide and find me.” Older sister commented.

They turned their heads up as they heard their father head off to bed. He stopped outside their bedroom and heard a snoring noise. It was not them but he did not know. They could not hear it so on they played.

“He checked the ladder once again, partly to check for child. But the child had found a bed and made pretend to sleep. He would be back without a sound when the halls were safe.”

Two hours passed one more to go

Hear the clock it clicks so slow

The others sleeping will never know

Feel your mind as it overflows

Up in the master bedroom a mother and a father tossed and turned both dreaming of the most horrid things.

Within their mother’s dreams she saw…

Her two little girls playing out in the yard. The sun shining down as she had never seen it before. They were bending over chatting about some imaginary thing they had dug up or found on a little adventure by the river. The cedar tree with the swing was close by them. It however was not what it should be. It was dead, rotten, not a single leaf clung to its branches. Bees surrounding it in giant swarms going in and out of giant holes that appeared as the tree fell apart around the two girls. Night came fast as four moons rose into the sky. She was there, her little baby girls still playing as if nothing had happened when she went to see what it was they had been talking about. In front of them was the doll of the singing man. She could hear his song, she knew it was a vile one. She however could not wake.

Within their father’s dreams he saw…

His sister that he hadn’t seen in twelve long years. A stranger, but not quite at the same time. The two were reunited in a long dark tunnel. Water dripped through the tiles above them as he could hear the rattling of subway trains not too far away. He was helping her dress in all black. It was the same thing she wore when she stormed out of their parents’ funeral. He turned from his sister fast not wanting to know why she had returned. Issues had never been settled between the two of them. When he turned he was surrounded by a ballroom. The room each ready for a feast, thousands of tables all gleaming in decadence. Each table had three lamps, all flickering dimly, waiting for its guests to arrive. In came the guests all women veiled in white. Instead of walk they hovered. Filling every single table. The last two in the room lifted their veils. They had the faces of Mother doll and Stranger doll, he could hear them whispering their spell, word by word. He wanted to run, he wanted to wake but it was too late.

The two girls had just put child down to bed, tucking him in nice and tight. They had read him a story and sung him a song.

“I do not want to go to bed I want to play one last time.” Younger sister said making him jump around the little room.

“Only if Stranger’s spell is ready.” Older sister helped the Singing Man say.

“It has been spoken, it has been read. Mother and Father are well off to bed.” Stranger said now being moved around the little house.

“He will check the ladder one last time to see if all is well. Then he will cast stranger’s horrid spell.” Older sister said.

Last hour gone the time has passed

Those playing and sleeping will tremble fast

Our spell, our song, our curse has been cast

For here we come down the ladder at last 

They froze in place as they heard it from all the way upstairs. They could hear the attic door swing open from the ceiling. It made so much noise with all its springs creaking and stretching. But their parents did not wake, they were too caught up in those horridly repetitive dreams. Finally they could hear the wooden ladder make impact on the carpeted floor, dust coming from both bodies. An unstoppable force meeting an immovable object. Then one pair of little feet rushing down the ladder.

One pair of black heeled feet, then another. Finally they could hear the creak as the last set of feet came down with a hum to match his decent. All the feet walked down the hall to the master bedroom. The door slammed open. All the girls could hear was the singing man, as he sang a new song they had never heard before. They were forced to listen as the song repeted itself four times. Then the parade of feet made its way, in order, passed their bedroom. Passed the family room. Through the kitchen. There was only one room left the people from the attic had not visited. The basement door swung open and the singing man’s song filled the air louder than ever before.

“In the silence now we wait.

Till once again it becomes too late.

Another song, another trap, another date.

Two mothers, two fathers, three children and a stranger all too eager to anticipate.”

© Copyright 2018 Michael "Fynn" Lange. All rights reserved.

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