C.C.S. -Pt.1

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A fictional work on the invention of ideas. Somewhat of a conspirtorial piece regarding the birth of great ideas that change the world. -Pt.1

Submitted: January 24, 2013

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Submitted: January 24, 2013



People will tell you that brilliant ideas and genius inventions are endless and can always be created, but this is a common misconception among many. I would argue that there is a limited reserve of ideas, generated over a period of time. These ideas are owned by an elite group of people, about 14, who sell these ideas and concepts for a large sum of money. Strangely enough, these 14 do not consider themselves human, but rather supernatural. Apple, Facebook, YouTube, and political parties get, buy, their knowledge and platforms from this elite and highly exclusive group known as the Concept Conception Society (C.C.S., or just 'The Society'). Even music artists such as Michael Jackson, Usher, Eminem, Stevie Wonder, John Mayer, Hendrix, and many others purchase their hit-wonders from this Society in hope of a larger return. Adolf Hitler, Albert Einstein, and Ronald Reagan were some of their biggest contracts. The Society is the most powerful group of people in the world because even the largest armies and most dangerous weapons known to mankind cannot measure up to the sheer power of ideas. Ideas are not the only things that the Concept Conception Society own. Although the majority are ideas in their purest form, the Society also gives power. Different reaches of people have different cost, depending on the amount of power desired. The Wal-mart of fame and ideas? This is a risky analogy, but it's the closest thing in relation to the average, gullible, market of the human beings. Where is the Society getting these ideas and power? Well, though pure speculation, most people assume that there is some direct connection between the Society and some spiritual realm. The saying goes something about how the C.C.S.'s headquarters is right down the street from the depths of Hell. Some call it witchcraft, myth, or just pure evil, but they can't argue the fact that most of these ideas have benefited society or them directly (outside of the Hitler reference above). Arguably, without the Society we would be living in excessive poverty and pure anguish through our lack of ideas and ingenious inventions. However, power would still exist due to the fact that power is an innate, characteristic built intothe humans themselves. Probably the most powerful and destructive concepts generated by the Society are worldviews. The thought of having different ideas of how the world works outside of Christianity was a dangerous move and so expensive it was almost not purchasable. Marx fought very hard and aggressively to get his own. Of course, it kind of wasn't fair that the philosopher knew one of the 12 personally, growing up with him through the early years of Karl's life. There's a lot of talk that the society gives out worldviews too flippantly, almost as if not even considering the repercussions. The twelve men of the Society live under the radar, not to say that they're unsociable or in hiding. They live normal, everyday lives just like the average person, with ages ranging from 35 to 50. They have normal jobs and families. Their work with the society is confidential and everything is done in secret. What makes them stand out is that they are exceptionally brilliant. They also seem out of sorts, in that they're so caught up in the Society's dealings and ideas. They usually keep to themselves and don't speak till spoken to. They are, through their calm demeanor and silent power, attractive to most people. They are strong natured and conversationally pleasant. Some of them are married and some aren't, but despite they're differences they all have some common characteristics and a strong mutual bond. They all have the ideas. These 12 men are truly the brain of the world, our freedom and being is dependent on them. The world rests on their shoulders. They have the power to control what and how you watch, listen to, eat, and the nations water supply. The power of them is underestimated. They control what makes news, and what doesn't. well, it might be more simplistic to put it this way. about the only thing they don't control is what you say and who you marry. though these men have this power, they rarely use it to its full capacity. their main concern is the conception and sale of ideas. to a certain extent, they run a business. I guess it could be considered an underground business. There are plenty companies out there who sell ideas, but not to this extreme. I don't think it could be emphasized enough how powerful these men are. The president is at their feet.

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