My thoughts on forgiveness

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After a bad experience with a very close person,the disappointment and hurt that followed almost took over my entire life,I found some comfort writing a diary and short articles on my daily journal ,in time I was able to forgive and forget and in turn found peace and liberation,by publishing this article I hope that I will be able to help people in similar situations of betrayal.

Submitted: October 26, 2014

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Submitted: October 26, 2014



Saturday August 9 2014

Written while on vacation in Cape Cod, Massachusetts 

Hyannis,Cape Cod,USA

When someone hurts you,be it a friend,co worker,a brother or sister or your spouse, the feelings of betrayal that follow are the most difficult for the human being to deal with
They bring forth despair, self pity, disillusionment, disappointment and inability to accept and understand why it happened, you often start questioning yourself, was it you that caused the betrayal to happen?
Did you do something to that person that caused them to act like that?
Are you a bad person to begin with?
The guilt that follows is mind and spirit crushing,not mentioning the feelings that your life could have been better had you paid attention to what you were doing,the way you lived your life.
But when you realize that the betrayal wasn't your fault but the other person acting on her own free will what do you do then to start the mending journey?
You might not be ready to make peace with that person but you have to make peace with yourself, that's when you should start on the path to forgiveness.
Forgiving the person that caused you to hurt is the first step towards rebuilding your relationship with yourself and the world, forgiving will help you understand all that happened, you might still be unable to accept it but your pain will be bearable now.
Forgiving will help you see the world in a new perspective, all that goes on around you will be different, it will help you be more aware and open minded about everything that surrounds you.
Forgiveness will bring forth your most amazing qualities.
Forgiveness will help you discover a new you that you never new existed.
Forgiveness will be followed by love and compassion. And a non judgemental way of dealing with the people that crosses your path.
Your love will contaminate every one that comes in contact with you,your life will improve in a way that you never thought possible.
Forgiving will open-up your mind and free up your spirit,helping you pick and choose who is going to be beside you on the walk of life and who should be discarded.
Forgiveness will bring the peace that you desperately seek for your soul.

Michael Hayssus

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