The Adventures of a teenage Johanne Vixen

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Fantasy  |  House: Booksie Classic

Johanne as a seductive teenage "femme fatale" during her high school years in Dunas,Portugal.
She always had a preference for shy,vulnerable yet good looking boys.

The Adventures of Johanne Vixen as a teenage "femme fatale" living in Dunas,Portugal 
By: Michael Hayssus 



Hi! My name is Johanne and this is one of my favourite adventures from my teenage years in Dunas, Portugal.

Ever since my high school days in Europe,nothing excited me more than a shy boy.  
Timid,unsecure  boys were always picked on and  ridiculed by other boys, the ones that thought they were smarter and knew everything.
Once,Gabe,one of the most intelligent in the class ,a very shy little boy was being humiliated by these guys, who said he was  gay. 
They threw his books on the floor, and taunted him with homophobic slurs. 
He just stand there trembling and stuttering. 
I walked up to them  and put myself  in the middle of the conversation, I wanted to know what happened. 
They all looked at me, every single one of them had tried to hook up with me, having never accomplished anything . But I did not give them any attention. I went to Gabe  and gave him a big kiss on the lips, and then said: "I loved you last night.You were amazing. I'm eager to repeat it. Since then he won the respect of the bullies. He came later to thank me for the lie, and we  turned out to be great friends,but within weeks is family moved to another town and we lost contact,a shame because I was getting  attracted to his intelligence and educated manners. 

Stallions and playboys are literally scratched off my list. I've been with a few, but they always let me down. Do all that game of seduction, but then when they think they already have me on the bag, only think about their own pleasure. 

But what I really like is to seduce, not to be seduced,and I'm not going to hunt my prey in spots such as nightclubs,bars parties or at the beach. 
I look for my prey usually at libraries, bookstores,museums,movie theaters ,public parks etc...

I met Miguel in an environment where I did not expect to meet anyone reasonably interesting. It was at a disco. I watched him from far away, sitting at the bar.
He seemed to be different from all the others. Seemed to try to please everybody, but it was clear that he did not fit that environment. 
His friends took him to the dance floor, but he could not dance, and returned to the table when he noticed he was being ridiculous. 
Often looked at the clock. Two of his friends came  back to the table with two girls. Kissing them and groping their butts in front of him, and I could tell he was embarrassed. Three of the other guys were still on the dance floor, looking around for girls. One of them approached me and began a conversation. What's your name? Your age? Where do you live? You come here often? He bombarded me with questions, he said  that I was very cute and  would like to  kisse me.
- I said:- "I'm interested in your friend." He stood there, shocked, and asked which one. 
I will go to your table and show you." - I said.
 He went back to the dance floor, and started talking with his friends and pointing at me. 
I got up and went to their table. I sat on the side of the shy boy and said, holding my hand on his shoulder:-Hey,what's your name? I saw several mouths open in front of me. I invited him to drink with me at the bar. He was confused, but it was perhaps because anything would be better than being with that bunch of mean friends, who only wanted to intimidate and humiliate  him. 

- Why did you came to talk to me ? - He asked me after a long silence. 
- Because I liked you. 
- Was it my friends who asked you to make fun of me?
- Hey - I interrupted. - Your friends do not have anything to do with this. I liked you, and it's you I want. 
- But why? - He blushed. 
- Because I just like timid and shy boys. 

He sipped on his beer bottle. He was 17 years old, and  looked innocent. Everyone  in there seemed in contrast with his shy reserved posture. 

The music changed, and all we saw was  people shaking their heads in the middle of the dance floor.Some already seemed drunk, playing invisible guitars and drums. 

- Let's get out of here. - I told him. 
- Where do you want to go? 
- Does it matter? 

I took him to my house. My parents were away,they went on a pilgrimage to Fatima,walking one hundred and twenty Km  to pray to the Virgin Mary,little did they know of their little girI's intentions at this moment.

I sat on the couch and pointed to him to sit down, I've been watching his silence. 
I took off my boots, and started playing with my feet on his legs. He seemed to tremble. 

- Are you afraid of me? 
- No, not that. 
- Then what is it? Why so quiet?
- Actually ... never thought I'd be with a woman like you. 
- So don't think anything ... Let it happen ... 
- I don't know what to do. 
- No need to... Let me do everything. 

I sat on his lap. I took my clothes off and with my two bare breasts,pointed them right in front of his eyes. It seemed like he was seeing breasts for the first time in his life. I grabbed  his hands and put them around my tits,he was shaking.

He touched, squeezed them, as if experiencing for the first time, as if to prove that they were even real. My pink nipples were excited, hard as a rock. 

- You can also kiss them,if you want .I suggested, he was already reaching for them with his mouth, closing his lips around the nipples. 

He sucked on them ever so gently,very slowly. He was getting the hang of it, and sucking one while stroking the other with his hand. 

I felt his cock grow big under my pussy. My pussy seemed to boil with desire. 
I took off his shirt. and touched his chest, and went down to touch his big dick too. 

- You like this? - I asked. 
- Very much. - He said, almost stammering. 

I stood up and got out of his lap, bent down and took his shoes off, continued on my knees and opened the zipper of his pants. I felt his legs closing. I let him keep his pants to his knees and pulled his dick out, I felt he was too embarrassed to expose it to an almost stranger, and I told him  not to be afraid because it would be very exciting. I stroked his cock with my hands, delicately, bent down ever so slowly ,and swallowed it at once,massaging the head with my tongue and moistening  it with my saliva

After five minutes of sucking pleasure I let go of his dick, and sat right beside him on the couch, giving him a seductive, threatening, and mysterious look. I took off my  pantyhose, and then very slowly, I removed my underwear. Continued with the skirt. I sat on top of his cock without letting it all the way in, just so he could feel the heat of my pussy. Then turned position, sitting with my ass on his penis, leaving him in the middle of my trench, and laying my back on his naked chest. I took his hands and placed them in my breasts again. I began rolling my own chest, following the circular motion of his hands,then  put one of his hands on my pussy underneath the skirt, so he could feel with his fingers what the penis was about to taste in a few few minutes. I stuck one of his fingers in my coninha,(cute little pussy in Portuguese) so that he could notice how much wet I  already was.

I took his finger out and stood up again. At that moment he already felt like a puppet, he did not know what I would do next. I dropped to my knees and put his cock in my mouth again. I put it all in there . He began to moan. I stopped the blow job for a moment to kiss his cock and licking it with the tip of my tongue. I ran my tongue on the sides and then stuck it all in my mouth again. I got up and opened the zipper of my skirt, letting it fall. Ripped his pants and boxers. 
Then I grabbed a condom off my purse, and I taught him to put it on,then I sat on his lap, sticking his cock in my hole very slowly, so as to feel every inch inside,he groaned. I kept going up and down until his eyes began to roll.

- Is it good? - I asked. 
- Very. Very good.
- What do you feel? 
- It is hot. Wet. Tight. 
- You like to fuck me? 
- No words to describe this feeling, it is very good Missy.
-Johanne,my name is Johanne.

I  groaned and  I screamed, he felt the urge to scream, too. I increased the pace. He started to open his legs and jumping on the couch with his ass. I leaned my back backwards, resting my hands on the coffee table. He got more and more agitated... 

- Come inside me  - I said. 
- I'm almost there... Wait,let me enjoy this a bit more.
-No,come now,I want you to have an orgasm now!

He came. I felt the condom fill up inside me, and his cock throbbing. His legs were shaking.
He seemed to sob.-What's the matter?I asked... 

- I ... I was a virgin. - He said. 
- I know,from the beginning. 

We hugged, and we kissed, long, slow kisses on the mouth.I asked him to get dressed and said he could go now,my parents could come through the door any time now.
As he said goodbye,and went out that door,I was sure he was not the same man who came with me before.

Then he turned around and said:I would like to see you again,but I'm moving to Canada with my parents,we leave in two days,good bye Johanne.


Michael Hayssus 

Submitted: November 11, 2014

© Copyright 2021 Michael Hayssus. All rights reserved.

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