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Nolan and Leon have always been the best of brothers. Every since a young they started having strange habits. Nolan has always loved being outdoors and had a strange fascination with dogs, wolves, howling when there was a full moon, etc. Leon on the other hand loved to be in the dark alone, loved the color red, and loved to watch himself bleed when he would get a cut or scrape. Now these are very strange habits for children but it all made sense when they turned 17. Thats when they found out who they truley were. After that they were put into certain "cliques" and are seperated. Eventually they start to grow a hatred twords eachother. This in return didnt help. Months after becoming part of the Wolves or DeVamps they are pit against eachother to a fight to the death. No mercy, and its all for enjoyment to see who is better, werewolves or vampires.
Will they ever get over the fact that their from two different worlds? If not, whos blood will spill first?

*Sibling rivalry never turned so deadly*

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Submitted: March 23, 2012

"Hey Lee! Hey Nol!" Said a cheery dark blue haired girl "Hey Denise!" Said the two brothers Nolan and Leon. Nolan and Leon were ... Read Chapter