Mental Instability

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Horror  |  House: Booksie Classic
Daniel White has a disturbing experience and gradually loses his sanity.

Read, to find out why...

Submitted: June 11, 2013

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Submitted: June 11, 2013



My name is Daniel White, I live in England and I am 41 years of age. At least I think that is right, sorry but it has become increasingly harder to keep track of time these days and in turn remember the date. I was just your average office worker. Nothing special, in the busy capital of London just trying to put food on the table for my small family. Recently I have been suffering from night terrors again because of that fateful day on June 5th 2001, mine and my wife's wedding anniversary. The day that changed my life forever. I still do not understand completely what happened that day and how I got to this stage in my life.

Me and my wife had been planning our first night alone in well over a year for weeks and we could not wait to go out and actually have some fun for once. This was of course due to having children. It is strange really, you don't realise how much having kids will change your life until you have to keep waking up to feed them at 4 am when they are screaming for your attention.

They were my two young beautiful little girls. My eldest is about to start college in a few weeks, so I am told. I'm so proud of her. Ah, how time has flown by...

It took us weeks to find a suitable babysitter who we could trust with our kids safety and making sure they were fed the right foods, their nappies were changed correctly and disposed of appropriately might I add. She was so worried about leaving them but she soon gave in to my determined nature and agreed we should go out for a nice meal, just the two of us. Like it used to be in our once regular establishment. When we left our small but very accommodating home she immediately started to sob and I took a great deal of pressure in consoling her. Even after 5 years of marriage we still loved each other as much as we did all those years ago when we first met if not more. I miss her so much.

As we set out on the back aching hour trek to paradise I noticed that the streets were eerily quite, which was a major shock considering our little ones were always being woken up during the early hours of the night by inconsiderate teenagers and drunken fools after spending the little money they have in some sleazy bar however my thoughts quickly returned to my wife when she started to cry again saying how we were "bad parents" for leaving our beloved children with a complete stranger.

At the time I chuckled to myself, now don't get me wrong. I was not laughing at her, it's just that. Well, she wasn't a stranger at all. Well not since my wife made her under go an extensive training programme that was created by yours truly, All be it after a little nagging and observed by my wife whilst I was at the office working hard for little pay. Now that is one thing I don't miss, getting up at 5 am everyday and going to the same meaningless job to sit in the same terribly cramped room I called my office.

The Street lamps showered down on us as the pathetic puddles that were surrounding our feet glistened in the warm glow of light beaming down from the sky above. That is when I began to realise that I needed to pee again. I really do need to start drinking less. I remember thinking to myself, not alcohol. Oh no, I wasn't a drinker back then. She said I should wait until we get there since we were now only 20 minutes away but I kept persisting and she eventually caved and muttered under her breath "hurry up honey". As I was doing up my zipper something to my left caught my full attention. From what I could see in the dim glow of the moon light was a human figure although at the time I could not be sure due to the poor lighting given of by the street lamp towering above me. The man slowly walked towards me and I began to back up a little out of being concerned for my own safety. I was soon overpowered with the overwhelming stench of body odour and alcohol combined and then all fear left my mind as quickly as it entered when I thought he was probably just a lonely old drunken homeless man and I was probably just being silly. I mean, back then I was a big guy and I had no reason to be afraid of a harmless bum. He was clearly unshaven with long dark greasy hair and a limp in his walk which I found very peculiar at the time, and of course because of being the generous guy that I am I opened up my wallet and handed the man some spare change and muttered "Get yourself something nice". I know, I know. I was an asshole. As I began to walk back towards the road he controversially shouted back at me. "Daniel, I do not want your money."

I sprinted back to my wife and she instantly noticed the terror engraved in my face and asked me what was wrong. I just half heartedly told her that I saw some kind of large animal and it gave me a bit of a fright. She completely believed my tale since I have never been much of an animal lover.

Whilst eating I could not stop thinking about what the man in the alley had said "Daniel, I do not want your money." How did he know my name? Just kept popping up inside of my head and I began to get a little light headed. When I went to the rest room I was quietly taking care of business when I heard a very apparent whistling sound coming from outside of the small window above the air conditioning unit to the back of the room.

You do not know this but I have always been a naturally curious person. I was the guy who silently crept downstairs to see what Santa had brought me for Christmas. I still remember the Christmas when I was about 8 years old and when I got downstairs I noticed my parents were still up so I hid behind the corner of the door way that led into our front room. The moment I watched them lay the presents under the tree then make there way up the stairs to get some much needed sleep was the moment my childhood dreams came crashing down.

When I peered through the small slit between the window sill and slightly ajar metal frame my eyes were drawn to the same terrifying presence of the man from the alley. I suddenly felt the urge to push myself away from the window in hope that he did not see me. I was well and truly creeped out at that point. When we left it was around 10:30 pm so we decided It would be best to call for a taxi rather than walk, after all who knows what nightmarish things could be prowling the night. When we got in to the rusted heap of metal I assumed was our ride I had an evident feeling of uneasiness and screamed when I saw the drivers face. The driver was the same man from the alley and outside of the restaurant that we ate at only an hour earlier. He just turned and grinned, not in the way someone smiles when it is their birthday but in the way someone smiles when they enjoy your suffering a little too much. I pulled my wife from the car and told her we were walking. During the long walk home I explained everything that had happened during the course of the night and she told me that I was just stressed and said "They really do have you working hard at the office don't they?' as she laughed it off. I just left it, there was no reason for arguing, not after such a successful night anyway. Then I saw him again, just under the slowly dimming street lamp, rain dripping down onto his long greasy hair then onto the ground below. When I finally got home all I could see was, him. In the picture frames he replaced our family, my daughters, my wife and me, in the mirror and he even replaced the main characters in my daughters night time story books. I thought I was going mad.

This continued for months and I started seeking professional help. They were useless. All they did was give me basic anti-depressants and a high dose of sleep tablets. Fat load of good that did me. All that did was put money in their pockets but of course that was all they were concerned about. Not only did I see him in the flesh or so I thought, I also started to have visions and dreams, well I guess you could call them nightmares. They started to increase not only In numbers but in intensity. Every time I woke up I always seemed to be panting and sweating more than the time before. The dreams and visions changed from occurring every few weeks to every few days, and now all I see is him. I know what you are thinking, what is in his visions? And to tell you the truth there Is no horrid scenarios, satanic rituals or anything like that. Not what you would expect, Just him standing there in random locations, standing up right. Like a normal person, but he is always in the distance. Always edging closer.

After around 6 months my wife left, taking the kids with her. Her words were "You are fucked up in the head". I just cried, feeling sorry for myself for days longing for an understanding of what was happening to me. And then it happened. I was drowning my sorrows at a bar across the other side of town and he was there!

He was, just sitting over in the back but I could visibly see it was him. He was casually reading the paper and knocking back a couple of Light Beers. Like a normal person would but I know it's just an illusion, I know. I know, I snapped and smashed the bottle I grasped from the table next to me against the bar and ran at him screaming "No more!".

I stabbed his chest cavity repeatedly, all the time screaming as the stores staff and customers watched in shock horror as I plunged the knife I was keeping in my back pocket, for safety reasons of course deep in to his skull from above and then fell forwards into his warm sit pushing his now defaced corpse to the ground with a loud thud.

Caked in blood and parts of the old mans skin. His large intestine seeping from his abdomen was enough for me to realise the gravity of the situation that I had found my self in and I started throwing up uncontrollably over the table in front of me.

When I was arrested the press wanted my story but I gave them nothing. I kept it all in until now.

A year had passed when I was deemed unfit to stand trial I was placed here in this shit hole. When they bought me here I just couldn't take seeing him any more. He was in my room, the canteen and sometimes the garden area. Ever since I killed him last year the expression on his face when I used to see him in person after the incident was one of raw hatred, not just the creepy grin he used to wear during our encounters.

When I was finally left alone by the nurses who did all they could for me but it was just not enough I took the opportunity and clenched the spoon I was given to eat the stone cold soup that they had given me earlier that day which I did not have the pleasure of trying and picked away at the inside of my eye sockets until I had completely removed my eyes. Which took less time than I had expected by the way.

Pain is what remember the most, the pain was unbearable. I thought I was going to bleed to death, the blood just kept steaming down my face all the while forming a reasonably large puddle beside my shaking legs.

I just couldn't take seeing, him. Any more. The staff rushed in and I was taken to be looked at. But they have no idea what it is like, you have no idea what it is like. To be afraid to leave your home, even your bed and to keep a knife you stole from the local weapons dealer in your back pocket in case of an emergency. Your life is no longer yours. You feel like you are a puppet in a show being controlled and having no power over what you do.

I have no reason to live any more. I have lost my wife, kids, home, my job and most of all my sanity. I have lost everything I ever cared about. Everything I ever dreamed about or hoped for. It is all gone. I just want to understand why he chose me.

And now here I am, sitting here completely blind talking to you.

Do you want to know the worst thing about all this? Now, I cannot see, all I do is stare into nothingness. The dark abyss that is always before me that cannot be moved. But, He is there, he is always there.

Psychology report. 05/06/12 By Dr. Allen

Only to be used by the Doctors of East-State medical institution

Patient No. 165

Notice- This is an edit of my original story in which I have corrected all the errors in grammar and punctuation that I came across. Also using the feedback that I received from readers and friends I have added some more detail to the parts that I was told were lacking in that department.


I hope you enjoyed it :)

~Michael Myers

© Copyright 2020 Michael Myers. All rights reserved.

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