The Formidable Case Files (1/4) - Part 1 - Hide And Seek

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Hello readers, this is a new series I am doing which follows a Psychiatrist who specializes in working with people who have had traumatic experiences. In this series he will give 4 terrifying accounts of the Patients he has met with and feels have endured the most pain and/or suffering over his two years of working at East-State Medical Institution.

I hope you enjoy :)
More parts to come (If this gets enough attention)


Hello, I am Dr. Allen of East-State medical institution. This is part one of the Medical Report my boss wanted me to do so he could see the most disturbing case files. So since I have sent them all to him I thought It would be interesting to make it into a series and share it with you lovely people. This series I have just started in which I quote the patient accounts I have taken over the past few years from people who have suffered traumatic events that both you and I would never, ever want to endure or witness with our own eyes.
Well then let's get started shall we? Part ones patient account is one of the first that really terrified me. It is back from when I first started to study strange cases of horrifying situations that people. Young, old. Big or small and male or female were faced with. Some of the people I have met over theses past few years have been completely deluded and changed by what their experiences and therefore I could not get a clear account from them. Here, I'll give you an example.
I was once introduced to a young boy who must have been around 9 I would say by a close colleague of mine at the time who witnessed his mother and father being mutilated by a crazed and very ill man who had escaped from this very mental institution that night. Now believe me when I say this. The security here is now extremely hard to bypass. Since that, incident we have obtained state of the art prison like door locks that are all retinal scanners and visitors have to have a special check that can take up to 2 weeks to be dealt with and processed. Due to these being put In place that was the last time someone escaped from this place and might I add also the first.
Well then, let's get this started. The first account I am going to share with you is that of  the fourth patient that I met with and studied during my first few months here at East-State.
She was a teenage girl, age 14. Very intellectual, blonde which I must say was not the reason she was so pretty. That was because of the cute smile she was constantly displaying. I have to say, even after working here for two years I have not come across anyone with the thirst for life that she has. I find it incredible that she is so enthusiastic and positive after what she has been through.
Now, I will give you her account of what happened in her secluded suburban home by the lake.
It was a stereotypical summers day, sun glistening in the calm flowing river by my house. The quiet domination with only a light breeze to disturb it and how could I forget. My dad and his famous barbecues, making those luscious sausages. If I try really hard I can still smell them. Even now. 
I remember waking up to the usual banging and screaming coming from down stairs. To be honest, I would have been worried of it was quiet. I have 4 brothers. All of them older than me. There is Jake who was 18, Tom who was 20 and Adrian who was 15. I was 13, oh I nearly forgot George, he is my step brother from my dad's first marriage.
Anyway I'm boring you. Me and my parents were very close. We were always around each other since they had a lot of spare time. This is because my mum and dad were both fitness instructors so the only times they were not at home was when they had clients or if they were just working out. 
I can't remember the date but I'm relatively sure it was a Tuesday or a Monday. No wait, it was a Friday. Yes, definitely a Friday. Now then, I woke up. Showered and continued the rest of my daily routine to get ready for school. My mum sorted out my hair, I got dressed, brushed my teeth and left for school at around 8am to catch the bus on time so that I would arrive at school for 9am. Yes, I know an hour is a long journey to travel to school but we really did live a fair distance away from the small town my school was situated in.
My lessons that day were the normal Mathematics, English and Science which went by rapidly since we were having fun doing things like writing short horror fiction in English and throwing pens and other relatively harmless stationary items at each other in Science.
I remember that day when I left school I had an suggestive feeling that someone was behind me. Luckily my school was only a short 20 minute walk to my house so before I could start panicking I was already home. I was home alone, which I was always after school since my parents were at the gym working out till around 8pm. Then they would come home and my dad would make dinner. Don't worry, you are not the only person who finds that funny. My friends always used to laugh about it. My mum was a terrible cook, I swear everything she tried to make ended up being in the darkest shade of black you could possibly imagine.
Once we had finished the impressive chicken and mushroom pie that my dad had tried to claim as his own. Now, that did make me laugh. He could cook but he had never made something by hand. Especially not something that tasted that good.
After dinner we watched a film called "Hidden". That film really freaked me out. It was about a guy who would hide in peoples houses and brutally kill the eldest occupant of the house then go back to his hiding place and leave once the police had done their thing. It was one of these films where the police got so close to finding him several times but were always just a second away.
Anyway, after the film had finished my mum gave me the bad news and so I went up to my room. Whilst showering I kept hearing a noise above the ceiling about a foot above my head. From what I could hear it sounded like footsteps and then I was taken back to the film that I had previously watched just 20 minutes ago.
I began to get extremely distressed and In stead of my ribcage allowing my chest to calmly rise and fall without me noticing I was now gasping for air as my breathing just kept intensifying and my heart rate proliferating . I finished up, grabbed a towel and raced to my room which was at the opposite side of our spacious landing. Once in my room my breathing started to go back to normal and I relaxed, sat on my bed and opened up my laptop to talk to some online buddy's of mine on Skype before 'hitting the hay'. As I chatted away with my friends, who were completely oblivious to the state of terror I was in were having a discussion about the supernatural, In particularly  ghosts. They were telling me about a film they had watched earlier in the week were a family had moved into an old fashioned home which was haunted and were put through many horrifying ordeals.
Now, I must tell you that I'm a sissy when it comes to the supernatural so I just told them I was feeling tired and then shut the laptop down.
I looked at the time and noticed it was 1:06 am. I remember being shocked at how fast the time had gone by. I became aware that after flicking the light switch to off it was now pitch black with only the dim light from the street lamp outside seeping through the gap between the wall and curtains. I could feel an unusual presence of cold air creeping through the crack in my door. Now, I am someone who sleeps naked because It makes me feel more comfortable. So because I was now shivering and for lack of a better term 'freezing my ass off". I crawled down to the foot of the bed to reach down for my night gown which I had carelessly dumped there when I woke up that morning.
After lazily throwing it on a loud thud came from above my head and I fell back onto the comfort of my pillow, as shock set in I retreated under the safety of my cover and tried to frantically figure out what had just happened.
As minutes, maybe hours went by the memory of what had just occurred seemed to fade away. And the next thing I remember Is waking up in a sea of sweat feeling like there was a heat wave in motion. I slipped out of bed and carried out my morning routine. The rest of the day went by fairly fast and before I knew it I was back home getting ready for bed.
I found myself sitting up until around 2am waiting for something... I wasn't quite sure what but I just had a feeling that something bad was going to happen. You know what I mean, right? That feeling that creeps up on you out of no where and makes you feel utterly petrified. Well that is how I felt.
As I was about to give up and settle down to get some much needed sleep I heard my door slowly creek open by a soft push that I could just about make notice.  And I could feel it. That ominous being watched feeling. I could feel warm breath on the back of my neck and I just laid perfectly still whilst all the time tightly holding my eyes shut. I begrudgingly let my eye lids stretch just a little and I could the dark shadow of a human like figure on the wall before me. I wanted to scream but couldn't. I felt like I had no voice, my throat became unnaturally dry and all traces of saliva vanished without a trace.
As I felt his breath on my neck slowly gain more and more distance until I could no longer feel it and I heard my door quietly close I started to roll over to my left and onto my back. Once on my back. I sat up, turned my lamp on and cried more than I had ever done before. I just sat there up against the headboard with my legs to my chest shaking uncontrollably.
Then, what I had previously feared might creep up on me made itself apparent again. My bladder felt like it would burst. I knew I needed to pee and I cursed at myself for not going earlier. But no, I had to listen to my friends talking about scary films. "God damn, stupid Emma. Urgh..." I could here footsteps above my head like the night before. But this time I froze in fear due to the realization of my worst fear sneaking up on me. "F*ck! There is, someone. Up there".
I ran into my parents room and silently woke my dad by tugging gently on my his arm. He woke to say "go back to sleep honey, I'm tired to do it right now". I laughed and said "Dad, dad! It's Emma. There is someone in the loft”. He was unresponsive so I repeated myself in a much more relentless tone and he jolted up right and stared at me, with an expression of true horror embedded on his ghostly white face. He woke mum up and after I had explained everything that has been happening over the past few days he then relayed it all to her and she too had that nightmarish look on her face. My dad used to be in the military, 'back in the day' as he says. My mum looked over at me slowly changing where she was facing to switch from looking at me to dad and so on. I could tell she was overwhelmed with fear as she stuttered "the food, the food. I, have um noticed it has been going missing these past few weeks". And, um. The drink too...” She began to cry as she pulled me into her welcoming arms. To hug me like when I was a baby. 
Mum said she was going to call the police but dad stopped her in her tracks as she reached for the phone before she could make out another sentence. "No, I'm going to handle this my way". I then grabbed his arm and told him that the man had been watching me and proceeded to say. "When I was laying down to sleep I could feel him breathing on the back of my neck". Dad then continued to let out an infuriated groan and said "what! That pervert, paedophile. He thinks he can live in my loft, eat my food! And watch my daughter. Well I'm going to have a little talk with him".
Me and mum just sat frozen in fear holding on to each other for dear life as dad set off to confront the man.
"I know you are up there! I'm coming up." Dad climbed the sturdy ladder and entered the loft. He pulled on the low hanging cord to turn on the light and as his eyes adjusted to his surroundings he used the light to search around the the ill-lighted uncomfortably confined space, but he found nothing except a half empty glass and some of my underwear that had recently gone missing. He became enraged and told us not to worry and that he would find who ever our unwelcome guest was. My mum then let out a gasp before saying that she was phoning the police and that dad couldn't stop her. He reluctantly agreed, for some reason feeling like less of a man.
Mum was on the phone for around 10 minutes saying things like. "There is someone living in our loft". And dad added. "He is a f*cking paedophile too! The crazy bastard". When the police arrived they told us to wait in the car outside and we would be taken to the station whilst they did their job. So we were then escorted out of the premises. Mum then cried from the car before we pulled away. "Wait, stop. I think". She stuttered. "He's, still. In there!" Dads head dropped and pulled me and mum close and said. "We are safe now. Let the police do their job". “After all it is what they are paid for.”
We were waiting at the station for hours and when the investigators finally returned we could tell that the man wasn't your average squatter.
A very professional and high ranking looking man gestured for us to follow him into a room and sat us down. Following up with "Thanks to you we finally have him". With a satisfied smirk on his face. Dad yelled at him "What the f*ck is this?". He was then politely told to calm himself and sit back down, which he did. That's when the man told us everything.
The man who was hiding in our loft was actually one of the most prolific serial killers in history. "The Night Prowler" as they called him, had apparently been on their radar for a decade. They said that that they now knew he was an estate agent and would modify large unoccupied homes to suit his needs and when a family with a teenage girl moved in he would secretly live in the loft. Which we were told were all part of his fantasy and adrenaline rush.  When the all members of the family were out. He would, eat their food, help himself to their drink, watch TV, look through their mail and even fill in the puzzles in the paper. Then in the dark hours of the night he would go into the room where the teenage daughter would be laying fast a sleep and just watch her peacefully breathe in. And, brief out.
He would continue with his routine for weeks before one day when he had the perfect opportunity. Lock down the house, cut all forms of communicating with the outside world and play a game he liked to call 'hide and seek'. He would first watch them freak out through the custom windows he implemented into parts of the family's paintings, stairs and walls and enjoy the first stage of suffering then later after the boredom started to set in he would then talk over the speakers he had installed just to complete the night mare in an eerily, distressing and sinister voice. Then he would turn out all of the lights out and say in a spine curdling voice
You start to cry and scream
He goes to hide behind the screen
You turn to run
but he's behind you
You trip and fall
And he calls for you
Do not try to fight
His strength will overpower you
You can try to hide but he will find you
Just give in and let him devour you.
After disembowelling his victims he would then put them all tin their own bed and make it look like they are sleeping. As he leaves the room he would say "there, now you can sleep. Peacefully".
When he had finished telling us what would with no doubt would have been our inevitable fate I asked him how did he know all that. He told us that the killer told him and his team the whole story because he wanted to go down in the history books and be forever remembered".
This account was recorded on the 22nd January 2011 -
One year after her experience. Which to this day, they probable outcome had the police not have arrived still haunts her.
12th May 2012
It is sad really, she had such a bright future. I feel so much sympathy for Emma. I really do, that man has ruined her life. She was brought here because she cannot cope. Her condition has deteriorated since she arrived. We took down her account when she first arrived so we know exactly what she went through and why she is in the mental state she is today.  Now, she  just hears those footsteps above her. She keeps telling our staff there is something in the wall and all she talks about is the stupid speech the killer reads out before ending his victims suffering. We are having to sedate and confine her more and more as time goes on.
The killer is now in a high security mental institution at the other end of the country. Unfortunately Poor Emma is also in a medical institution, This one.

Submitted: June 10, 2013

© Copyright 2021 Michael Myers. All rights reserved.

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Charlie J Gibbs

My kind of story, well written and scary. :)

Mon, June 10th, 2013 9:54pm

Michael Myers

Thank you, It means a lot. It is only my second ever story :)

Mon, June 10th, 2013 11:23pm


There's some grammar errors. Overall, I liked it. I'm not really a fan of Horror, but it didn't focus on anything gory. Also, the little poem insert was a really nice touch.

Tue, June 11th, 2013 1:44am

Michael Myers

Thanks :) Yeah, I noticed the error when I looked over It again.

Tue, June 11th, 2013 6:57pm

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