A Recurring Nightmare

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Dreams are images your mind puts together while you're sleeping and somehow makes those images into a movie. Many philosophers believe that dreams have secret messages or certain reasons to why your mind made them. Recent, I've had this recurring dream that I just can't find the meaning to.

Submitted: November 02, 2013

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Submitted: November 02, 2013



  My recurring dream begins as I sit in the passenger seat of my dad's Volkswagen Jetta. Driving is my dad, a former police chief. He turns to me and tells me we have a big case today over at the local amusement park. He's wearing his old police uniform. Looking down at my outfit, I have a gray t-shirt and old blue jeans on. We pull into the amusement park parking lot and get out of the car. A crowd of people stand in front of the entrance booth. Their skin is a light gray color and their eyes are bright green. They slowly walk around, but don't go inside the amusement park. My dad and I push through the crowd to get to the entrance booth. The person working the booth seems to be in the same trance as everyone else. My dad doesn't bother flashing the man his badge. We just walk right in.


  As we walk in, I see that there are even more brain-washed people standing around. The only normal looking person walks up to us. He's a tall, scrawny man with short brown hair and is wearing an amusement park uniform. He looks no older than 25. He shakes my father's hand, and then offers his hand to me. Something in the back of mind tells me to not shake his hand, to not trust him. When I don't shake his hand, he smiles a little and says "Alright then. Well if you two would follow me, I'll explain to you what's going on here." He and my dad begin to walk away, but I stay put. I have a bad feeling that if I follow this guy, I too will have gray skin and bright green eyes.


  "Come on son. This guy is going to help us with the case." My dad calls to me.


  "No dad. This guy is the reason this happened. He's evil." I say back, 100% sure that I'm right. My reasoning for this? Why is he totally fine while everyone else is in a trance? He's either the one behind this, or working for the person who is.


  My dad and the man laugh. "Don't be silly, kid." Says the man. His voice is persistent, as if sending me a message Don't be difficult kid or you won't last too long.  

  My instincts tell me to run away, so that's what I do. Nothing chases me. The man takes my father into a building. I run behind a tree. I watch the building and see that nothing out of the ordinary happens. Suddenly, someone taps on my shoulder and I jump. I turn around and see it's a girl, not much younger than me. I don't really remember what she looks like. "What are doing behind this tree?" She asks.

  "Hiding from that creepy amusement park worker." I say. "What are you doing back here?"

  "The same." She replies. "Though this isn't a good place. He'll see us. Come with me, I know a better place to hide." 

I follow her into the back entrance of the gift shop. It's pitch black. Just then my hands are tied behind my back and I'm thrown onto the ground. I realize we've been attacked. "Girl, are you okay? Where are you?"

"Duh I'm okay. He wouldn't tie up his own daughter." She says wickedly.

  "What?" I say before the lights come on. The girl and the man are standing above me, for I am now sitting on the floor. They evilly smile down on me. Quickly I untie the rope around my hands.

  "Dad! That was a terrible tying job." The girl yells at her father.

  "I'm sorry. It was dark in here." He says. I stand up and knock the girl onto the ground. I run out the backroom of the gift shop and into the main shopping area. The man follows me and throws a frisbee aiming right at my face. I quickly put up my arm to block it and it cuts my wrist. I pick a toy Captain America shield, but the man doesn't throw anything else at me. Instead he begins to laugh.

  "Oh you're screwed now." He says. "That frisbee had our special poison in it that turns everyone into our slaves." I look down at my cut and see that the area around it is turning gray. I know I have to wash the poison out before it's too late. I quickly run to the bathrooms outside the gift shop, but I am running slow. The poison is slowing me down. I get to the bathroom and lock the door. The man bangs at the door. I turn the sink on and begin washing my cut. It must have worked.

  That is when this recurring dream always ends. I want to find out what happens afterwards, but the dream always just stops.


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