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Submitted: March 25, 2008

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Submitted: March 25, 2008



Michael jones,working as a car designer in BMW company.He has designed hundred car models for BMW company.He has achieved PHD in car mechanics.He has got money and popularity both.He has done lots of practice to achieve this place.He has got fifteen contracts from various sources which has been running in progress for one week.He is working twenty hours in a day.His Philosphy of success is "ALL WORK,NO PLAY".He is a true professional who has got limited entertainment.Actually,Michael jones is very passionate toward his job.He has got full support from MR Arnold watt,who is current president of the company.Both are good friends by nature.

Within one month,he has completed all fifteen contacts offers from different company.And all were great success.After this success,he has shifted in Australia,where he  meets with Professor keane.Professor keane is a expert in car mechanics and also achieved noble prize for his new invention.Actually,he has invented  dragon car in which missiles,machine gun,bombs and othe weapons are loaded.Michael jones has invited in car exhibition by Professor keane where he has to comment on his new invention.Michael jones has applauded  professor keane on his new invention but the negative point which jones notice that it  is a big liability for humanity because it will be used for destroying .

Michael jones is performing a contract with professor keane.Both have to invent a speedy car for Alex waddock ,the formulae one champion.Each take his own time for designing a jet car.Firstly,they prepared diagram for this car.Secondly,they select body materials for this car.Thirdly,they select specific fuel for this car.Lastly,they formulate a car which are going to be implemented in factory.It has got a big success,but the credit  has shared by both.Press reveals his report about jet car that "Jones and keane has made the dream come true,jet car can travel on 2000 miles per hour speed".

Now,its last part of the story,in which shocking news has  printed on the newspapers.Jones has became completely unsound mind due to working constanly one-month.He has lost his memory in jet car work.Professor keane had advised jones to take some rest,but he had'nt listen to anyone except work.Again and again stretching his mind toward this invention,as a result,his brain has hacked.Press writes in his column that "Michael jones is addicted of car designing" .Humour has raised that professor keane is behind this whole tragedy.Police is unable to draw connection with professor keane as a result case is closed. There is some mystery behind unsound mind of Michael jones.Jeolosy can be the reason,who knows,but the career of Michael jones has ended.

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