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Submitted: April 02, 2008

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Submitted: April 02, 2008



John is exiting from Manchester united stadium-"old trafford".He has carried a leather bag on his shoulder in which a football,a pair of football shoe,a red flexible trouser and white t-shirt kept.On the bag,tag of Reebok has sticked.He has weared white cap on his head.He is 18 yrs of age and currently completed secondary high-school.He has also weared black t-shirt and blue-jeans.Actually,in Manchester united stadium,selection of 15 soccer players take place.John had also take part in trial but the result is poor.Lets see what had happened?30 players has divided into 2 teams-red team and blue team.John was playing from red team and had to performed the role of centre back.The strategy of red team was 3-5-2.According to this strategy,red team starts their match.And result was 0-0 till half time.After half time one player of red team was substituted from john.Refree blown the whistle and here the match starts after half time.The striker of blue-team had beaten five mid-fielders of red team withount any amount of energy.It was Johns'turn to prevent the opposition from creating chance to score a goal.Striker had started strong dribbling with his right and left feet.John had taken a forward step to tackle the striker,but he slipped on the ground.Striker had beaten John and only goalkeeper was left.So striker built speed and power.On that movement,striker powered a nice shot on the goalnet.The match was won by blue-team over red-team.The final score was 0-1.Coach had viewed all the players perfomance and finally announced 15 players squad.John was missing from that list.Coach had explained to john that he do not have possesion oriented playing style.Besides this,he was also lacking in good heading and tackling ability.At last,he cannot become a soccer player in his life.

This is a story of John Martyn who has disqualified from siccer trial.John belongs to rich family,his father is brand ambassador of Reebok.Johns'father is David Martyn,striker of England.His father is a famous personality.On his latest interview,he calls his son-"FUTURE OF ENGLAND".Press has published this news on television,newspaper and magazines.But john has eleminated from soccer career.He has to deliver this bad news to his dad.

David Martyn has reached home early for calling his son to radio interview.John has delivered bad news to his father.David martyn is very talented soccer player and he has never give up in his life.So he boast up his son morale.Next morning,David takes his son at Liverpool in anfield ground.They both started stretching their muscle,running and kicking the ball against wall.David has spent maximum time with his son in the stadium.

David Martyn has delivered basic techniques of soccer to his son.John has learned the technique of passing,dribbling,tackling and heading from his father.Within 6 months,John has succeed in playing soccer.In liverpool club,John name has booked.His father has moved to France for plaing a friendly match.Now,John is playing in FA cup where his role is of centre defender.Liverpool has to face chelsea in 1st round matches.Skysports and BBC has covered the live telecast of all the matches in FA cup.Liverpool has selected 3-6-1 strategy to beat chelsea.Refree blown the whistle and match starts.John is standing on central defending position.Chelseas'goalkeeper has powered long kick to midfielder.Midfielder gains the possesion and starts dribbling the ball into danger zone.Commentator pronounce johns' name.John is waiting for the action and other two defenders are standing at man to man mark.John makes sliding on strikers feet.Result is "yellow card",striker has slipped from johns' action.Refree gives a penalty kick,Chelseas' striker is taking the shot.He has powered a nice goal from swing technique.

Till halftime,score is 1-0.After halftime,John has got another chance to prove himself.This time,2 striker reaches near goalcourt.John has covered the goalcourt with 2 other defender.For regain possesion,John again slides into ball,this time he has succeed.John and other defender tries to limit the opportunity of opposition to attack.Last 15 minutes are left,a mid-fielder of chelsea starts strong dribbling and has beaten 6 mid-fielder alone.Now,he is charging power shot from central defence position.Meanwhile,John has deliver a speedy slides on ball,unfortunately injured the mid-fielder.The result is "red card".He is out of the match and even cannot play other match.Final score is 1-0.Chelsea has beaten Liverpool.Commentator has thrown this defeat on John Martyn.Media has made John responsible for defeat.

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