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This story relates to Tom,who is passionate about action stories.

Submitted: April 08, 2008

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Submitted: April 08, 2008



Water is engulfing the future of action-story writer,his name is Tom.Tom is crazy or passionate about action stories.Actually,his birth takes place in action surrounding.Tom was a famous and young artist in the field of story writing.It was winter season where he meets his destiny.Now,Tom has nothing in pocket,his life becomes miserable

Action movies is first love of Tom,infact he views 4 international movies per day.His thinking capacity is not as powerfull as before.He is doing his research on army weapons like Machine guns,Double barralled gun,Pistol,etc.He performing some dangerous acts for American army.Actually,he has stored his job in weapons sector for American army.

Did anybody know?Tom is doctrate in Action story writting.He had cleared his master degree from hobart university of Australia.He had wriiten some interesting novels for youth brigade.Army versus cops,Master piece of America,Eye for an Eye,Silent Assasin and many more are writting of Tom.He was a money man,but after this,everything gets vanished.

Tom gets an opportunity to authorised a short story titled with "I want you for U.S army".This assignment was from Genral Beck Kember.Why General Beck Kember insist Tom to authorised this story?The reason behind this is straight forward that Tom has denied the offer of working for Ross geller.Ross geller is a corrupt,rich and powerful personality of America.Ross geller had killed many F.B.I agents for self-interest.Ross geller wants to me to authorise a novel on tragic death of F.B.I agents.For this assignment,he had offered 50,000,000$ to me.But I knows there was some self-interest hidden on writting the stories on "Tragic death of F.B.I agent".

After this incidence,Ross geller would have published in newspaper that Tom is involved in murder case of F.B.I agents.This report would have ruined his career and also the future of Action story writting.Some sort of Witness also apperaed in court.The court would punished Tom for killing F.B.I agents.After one week,he ran away from Americas'cell and adjusted with apparent name of Toni.Toni,now gets in the field of Army.Army changes the whole life of Toni by giving him full support.Toni told the whole matter to General Beck Kember.From this angle,Tom has regretting for not accepting the chance of lifetime.Now,he gets another chance of lifetime,to enhance and explore the weapon sector of American army.He becomes a powerfull asset for American army.And the officer of army also feels proud to embloy Tom  in weapon sector.

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