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Submitted: March 26, 2008

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Submitted: March 26, 2008



Life has reached on final stage,now whole world is going to be ended.Because the creator has sucked the life giving substance,water.No water is left on the earth,people are dying at phenomenal rate.The creator of earth is "mortal man".Trees and plants are unable to survive in this world.No more oxygen is left,as a result,Life is replaced with death.Mortal man has eliminated earth because the time of earth is over. This planet is completely ruined.

It is 50th century,when new planet is replaced with earth,that is "sunshine".Sun is called Sunshine where life cycle regenerate from starting.Now people of this planet are living at 6000 degree celcius,they are capable of facing huge amount of heat.Actually,they are blackish in skin nature,they are now ten-times smarter than before.They have get ultraviolet rays in their eyes.It is natural power which can be used for building houses and other instrunment.Their house are made from Glasses which has manufactured from heating sand .

People are living in chromosphere of the sun where lots of houses are build.Their meal is coronal gas.Their children are playing soccer with heavy,hot and huge ball.Men and women are performing their construction project whereas animals are playing wrestling with each other.

Mortal man is back and wanting sunshine planet to be eliminated.Now the time of sunshine planet has arrived.But the futuristic power of one man has stopped this heavnly deed.That man is Tom,a eighteen years old .Mortal man has challenged Tom to beat him.Tom has became violent ,as a result,he lost his life.After few minutes,Tom has get his life again from somewhere.He starts pushing Mortal man from ultraviolet rays reflected from his eyes.He generate huge amount of heat in his hand,which helps in punching mortal man.In reaction,mortal man has spitted acid on his face,but no harm on toms'body.Father of universe has saved sunshine planet from mortal man.Actually tom is the father of universe.

Everone has celebrated the success with sculpting toms'body.The death of mortal man had designed by three witches,earlier when no planet had discovered.Tom has used electromagnetic radiation to destroy mortal man.Now,sunshine can live for thousand of years and many more.After this, Tom has gone forever into the gaping hole of universe.


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