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Submitted: April 05, 2008

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Submitted: April 05, 2008



Everyweekend,matches between international gangster league(IGL) and gods of violence(GOV) takes place.Chicago stadium is venue of these matches.And there are large number of audience who supporting their faviourate fighter.U.S government has legalised these matches and also provide strong infrastructure.They are building 100 training centres for reservoir of professional fighters.These matches are playing under several rules and regulation.There is one refree who takes part in every match.Refree has to seated in box room where he watches visual of match on computer with the help of international software.Restaurent is also joined with this organisation,they distributes various food items to audience like cheese sandwich,beer,pop-corn,etc.There is special session before every match in which cheer girls supports their wrestler through dancing performance.There is central organisation -"WORLD FIGHTING FEDERATION(WFF) who control all these matches and also organises tournaments.

Jack is performing his gynm work as usual.Everymoring,he works for 2 hours on his muscles by lifting heavy dumbles.He is taking professional lessons from GOV training centre.Every year, they promotes hundred fighters in their centre.Their training schedule is tight.First,they judges the fighting abilities of participant through computer.Second,they enrolls their fighters in training session where punching,kicking,tackling,elbow-drive,knee attack and other skills are taugh.Third,they signs contracts from every fighter.Now all the fighters are employed by GOV as well as IGL.

Jack has mastered the "Premium king" technique.This technique is not simple but very difficult and cumbersome job.Jack has categorised in A grade fighters by GOV.GOV has rated jack as a"KING OF THE RING".Now, jack is playing his first match against Lion man,the male fighter of IGL.He is the world  champion of WFF.Here,match starts,Jack gives a straight power punch to lion man.Lion man drops on the floor.Winner of match is Jack.Refree has announced the winner and also submitted the match report to director of WFF.Director has invited jack on his office for some queries.He informs Jack that lion man is dead because your power punch has excelled at speed of 200 km/seconds and weight of punch is 1000 pounds.

Jacks'second match is against John,best fighter of IGL.Here,fight starts,Jack excells his boot and kicked on Johns'face.The sound of that powerkick is similiar to TNT explosion.That attack has taken the life of John.Audience has praised the abilities of Jack-"THE KILLER".Within one year,he becomes popular in whole world.Jack has played toatal of 99 fights untill now.He will be playing his 100th match  against James-"THE HEATER",tomorrow.On that night,he feels guilty for killing 99 fighters.In his dream,he views all 99 fighters'souls .They are all weeping and moving here and there.They are requesting Jack to show sympathy on us.They say "SHOW SOME SYMPATHY".Morning takes place,sun rises as usual.All the audience are eager for watching another show of death.Match starts,Jack is standing on his place,James tackles his head on Jack.This tackle has pushed Jack on side of the wall.On that movement,James is constantly punching on Jacks'face.All these punches has effected similiar like bullet.Audience is enjoying the whole scenario.Actually,Jack is unable to strike because at that movement he is showing sympathy on 99 souls.James is performing dragon attack on jack.He jumbs over jack from 10 feet ladder.Jack is unable to wake-up,because he is dead.In his last movement,he says-"PLEASE,SHOW SOME SYMPATHY".

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