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This story is tragedy of Banana island.

Submitted: April 16, 2008

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Submitted: April 16, 2008



Freeze is blowing outside the Monkey Zone. It is a place where 4 monkey live. They have got natural powers for saving the people of BananaIsland.  Animals and Humans are altogether lived here. The powers of Monkey zone are divided into 4 parts-Brain, Heart, Muscles and Skin. On Sunday, there will be a Party on account of Freedom. On this day, they were free from Sunny man. He was a Scientist who had achieved the powers of sun. Actually, in 1990 his instrument had sucked the powers of Sun. From that day, he was called God of Sun. After this, he had become a devil. This devil had occupied the BananaIsland with the help of his powers. Animals and Humans were thrown into the cell.

Sunny man was torturing the people of Monkey zone. Everyday, one animal and one human became prey of Electrical Band. It was a name of Music band which produce a high pitch sound i.e. noise. As a result, the listener had to bear a powerful pain on his ears. Sunny man was fat man and shorter in height-5”0.He was clean shave man. His dress was always hilarious. His behaviour was aggressive and naughty type. His girlfriends’ name is Lilly who is very calm and smart. Lilly belonged to rich family. His Father was a Business man. Sunny man was the partner of Lee Chan, father of Lilly.

It was Sunday, when Lee Chan had called his son into BananaIsland. His son was none other than Jin Chan. His personality was sporty and hard-working. He had never said lie in his whole life. He was a True Champion. Jin Chan was a guitarist. He had sung a heart song-“TEARS AND RAIN”. He was going to be 20 years old in his birthday. On this day, his father was giving him responsibility of his business. The relationship between them was very emotional. Lee Chan and Sunny man had given a warm welcome to him. Jin had seen the horrible condition of prisoners of BananaIsland. Although he had advised them to free the prisoners still no seriousness shown. Lee Chan and Sunny man ignored the words of Jin Chan. In night time, Jin Chan silently opened the cell of prisoners. This news had reached to Sunny man. As a result, he melted the body of Jin Chan into lava. Next day, Lee Chan heard the whole story from his daughter, Lilly.



After this, He formed a committee of 10 scientists who had to invent a machine which would destroy the Sunny man. Within 3 months, they developed 4 monkeys who were filled with scientific powers. B-ray, H-ray, M-ray and S-ray were their names. They had given a mission to destroy Sunny man-God of sun. It was Sunday, when they had to perform this mission. Sunny man was watching a Movie in a meantime. Four monkeys had entered the BananaIsland .B-ray had drawn a plan whereas other monkeys had to implement this plan. First step was to break the window, M-ray did the same. Second step was to stop a ferocious and huge dog, H-ray did the same. Last step was to change the skin into liquid material, S-ray did the same. Sunny man was unable to saw them. They dropped some web cartages on Sunny man. As a result his body was unable to move. B-ray had sprayed a chemical compound on Sunny man. After this, the powers of Sunny man were scientifically removed. Lee Chan had fired a bullet from his mouser.Now, Sunny man was killed.



Monkey Zone is a lab gifted by Lee Chan to 4 monkeys for their success. Now, Lee Chan is celebrating “Freedom day” on twelfth of December when his son had died. All the people are remembering the day of freedom. Lee Chan is giving respect to his son with a gold medal. Actually, he is standing besides the grave of his son. His eyes are full of water. He put a Red Rose on his sons’ grave. After this, he is watching the guitar of his son which is attached on his sons’grave.Again; his eyes are full of water.

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