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about food bank in clay cross

Submitted: November 09, 2012

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Submitted: November 09, 2012





IN the bible in Matthew 15-29-39 we can read about JESUS feeding the four thousand on a mountainside. I can be sure there were people on that mountainside going through bad times in their lives .people who were poor .sick .finding everyday life a struggle. It’s the same for us in our times. Lots of unemployment in Britain and people going through these hard times. People find it hard to buy food .this could be because they are out of work and there benefits are late .a lots of over reasons.

In clay cross our church has started a food bank well it been going three mouths now. its a great way to help the community .and it has helped bring the churches together in clay cross. We collect food from supermarkets and people donate food lots of food milk tinned food and allsorts. Food bank has a warehouse to store the food. it has been named the hub.

Food bank is open two times a week one night in the Church of England church and in our church on Friday afternoon. The people who need help go to the citizen advice bureau or the job centre or other contact points to ask for a food bank voucher and if the person is found to need a voucher one is given. They come to food bank and we will talk to them listen to them and if they would like we pray with them. In bad times in our lives we keep thing bottled up in side us. but i have learned to not keep thing bottled up inside talk to someone .and share. At this time there food is ready and it is nice to see how supported after getting it.

I enjoy how the churches work together i have prayed with people from other churches at food bank and we all have a good time doing food bank the sisters from the convent are wonderful and they pray for me. the people at food bank are like a family now. it wonderful to be in a team of great people who care about people and their community.

I know food bank is needed in our communities i know this because i needed food bank to help me and i am thankful for the help and support given to me.

Jesus would be happy with the food bank and i know his spirit is around when food bank is open. the people who give up their time are the eyes ears and hands and feet of the lord Jesus

So let us be able to feed the four thousand


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