Feeling troubled?

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This is the re-creation of an article I wrote for SAY IT LOUD, a teen ezine...

Submitted: January 28, 2007

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Submitted: January 28, 2007



A poem for you:

When evening comes, and I'm alone,
(and sitting there, beside the phone)
wishing you would hit speeddial,
and sit and talk to me awhile...

And yet, the traitorous phone is quiet -
doing nothing, just like a bad diet;
so I go into my room and cry,
never really knowing why...

I feel so all alone, you see -
there's no one here that cares BUT ME
so here I lay, upon my bed,
wishing I was really dead.

Yet JESUS stands there, waiting still,
for me to call, to do His Will;
to ask Him into my sad life -
to take away the sin and strife...

What will I do?

Most of your problems and anxieties can be handled by Jesus, if you'll ask Him...some things we handle OURSELVES because it's a part of growing up!
Jesus promised he'll never leave us, or forsake us...if you believe that, you never need to be afraid again!
He also said that He'd carry our burdens for us, if we'd bring them to Him...so if you're overburdened, it MAY be your own fault - go and take it to Jesus!

THAT'S what we do - we take it to Jesus!
HE is the Alpha and the Omega...HE is the WORD made flesh!
HE can handle ANYTHING we can't, but He wants us to ASK HIM FOR HELP!
Got it?

Sometimes we just need to relax and listen to Life's rhyme...here's what I mean:

At night, I like a book, and bed;
a place to rest my weary head...
A cup of something warm to drink,
then I relax, and start to think...

I'm blessed, I think, with folks I love,
with lots of friends sent from above;
with patience, wisdom, compassion, too -
(I hope the LORD, He blesses you);

So evening is my special time -
when I relax to life's sweet rhyme...!

The Lord Jesus wants you to be happy - but let's face it, we don't always make the BEST decisions for ourselves (anybody who's ever been in love with a dweeb knows that)!

So lets enjoy life GOD'S WAY...


Run along,
have some fun,
play with Jesus
while you're young...

Run and romp,
laugh and play
while you love Jesus
another day...

Every day
enjoy His love
and you'll have fun
with GOD above...

Never cry,
be sad or pout,
but trust in GOD to
help you out...

It's never hopeless,
you will find -
'cause GOD'S LOVE
has you in mind!

So run to Him,
cry in His arms,
He'll protect you
from all harm!

Go play, My child!

It's up to you...do you want a life with Jesus?
If you do, ask Him for it!

"Lord Jesus, I want YOU to be my Lord and Saviour!
Forgive me of my sins, and come live in my heart FOREVER.
I believe you died for me, and I want to thank You for it.
In Your Name I ask it, Lord Jesus, Amen."

Praise God! You did it, asked Jesus into your heart!
I'm so glad for you...my life really changed for the better when I got saved!

I used to go on walks alone,
my mind and body both would roam
thru countryside, o'er hill and dale,
then I'd return to tell my tales...

Tales of terror, tales of woe,
of wondrous places I would go -
beautiful women I had seen,
men I'd met, both nice and mean...

Then one day, while on a walk,
I met a Man and we did talk -
His Name was Jesus, He had died,
and for my sins was crucified!

And now alive again was He,
and wanted most to set me free -
free from bondage, free from sin,
full of love, and peace within!

I never knew I needed Him,
or that my life was full of sin,
until the day we met and talked,
and Jesus came and joined my walk...

I used to go on walks alone,
my mind and body both would roam
thru countryside, o'er hill and dale,
then I'd return to tell my tales...

Tales of terror, tales of woe,
tales of places we would go...
Now I tell of friends we've made,
miracles done because we prayed.

Now I NEVER walk alone.....
(but my mind still LOVES to roam)
I dream of a cabin, built by love
by my Jesus, up above -

And one day He and I will meet,
I'll lay and worship at His feet -
When I arise, I'll sing a song,
because I'll be where I belong...
with Jesus!

In the meantime, we've got all this STUFF to deal with everyday!
STUFF is the junque life is made of...STUFF can really make life suck, y'no'wha'I mean?
STUFF piles up...makes you crazy after awhile...you just wanna knock all the STUFF down, get it out of the way, and start over, some days!
But there's people you LOVE attached to some'a that stuff, too!
Try to put it all in perspective - look at it another way!

Everyday Stuff:
When e'er I walk and see the things
I know my LORD has made,
It always fills my heart with joy,
and never with dismay.......

The flowers, vines, and greenery
do such a picture make -
but underneath are bugs and things,
did GOD make a mistake?

The bugs annoy, and eat our food
when they invade our homes,
they seem to be just everywhere -
Like little roving gnomes!

But they're a part of everything
that our Lord has created;
they may be inconvenient...
but nothing to be hated!

So when I am disturbed by something
God has sent my way,
I ask myself this question:
"What does HE want to say?"

I know HE has a reason
for everything HE does...
sometime its just the season,
Sometimes it's just "because"...

And when I cannot understand,
and feel so beaten down,
I go and have a talk with Him
who takes away my frown.

I love the Lord so much, you see,
it helps me to accept,
the things that living throws my way
for I am in HIS debt!

So don't let STUFF pull you down - accept people for who they are, let them know when they've hurt you, and go on with your life.
Accidents happen...and sometimes life HURTS, for REAL!
But you'll continue, the hurt will heal, and you'll be good as new, AND a little wiser!

The important thing is, DON'T GIVE UP!
Many folks suicide nowadays, and that's just quitting!


Psalms 19:7-11 The law of the LORD is perfect, converting the soul: the testimony of the LORD is sure, making wise the simple.The statutes of the LORD are right, rejoicing the heart: the commandment of the LORD is pure, enlightening the eyes.
The fear of the LORD is clean, enduring for ever: the judgments of the LORD are true and righteous altogether.
More to be desired are they than gold, yea, than much fine gold: sweeter also than honey and the honeycomb. Moreover by them is thy servant warned: and in keeping of them there is great reward.

Keep working at your life - it IS work, I know!
But anything you work at hard enough can and WILL turn out well...but suicide is nothing more than giving up, quitting, giving the enemy the victory!

Once upon a time...
I once was lost, but now am found
the Lord found me, you see;
He held me in His safe warm hand
and now He nurtures me!

I once was scared, but now am safe
the Lord saved me, you see;
He opened up my eyes and heart
and now my love flows free!

I don't know what your problem is - and I don't need to know! What I DO KNOW is this:


© Copyright 2019 Michael T Ingram. All rights reserved.

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