The Struggle

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The Struggle chronicles, in poetic form, the fight between good and evil. Imagine Carman's "The Champion" in poetry.

Submitted: January 28, 2007

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Submitted: January 28, 2007



Ere words were spoke, or Power invoked,
All was quiet, void and still;
Then Power blazed when Father spoke,
and His Words became His Will!

Dizzying colors lit the Void
As Master to it spoke;
Come forth, My servants, He declared,
Step up and take My yoke.

One by one, they tottered near,
Their mouths agape in Godly fear -
No one had ever seen the sight
Their blessed eyes had seen that night!

As one by one they bent their knee,
And swore to serve no one but He,
Power coursed and lightening flared,
As His Spirit He did share.

Thousands came out to that Light,
Came from that void, came out of night,
Bowed to their Lord, and in His sight
Declared their love, breathed in His Might.

The heavens came forth from His Word,
Sprouted forth, flew like a bird,
To firm foundation yet unseen,
And hangs there yet, by magic clean.

The thousands filed in, found their place,
Their eyes were hungry, hearts did race,
Filling curious, just-made hearts
With visions in their deepest parts.

Where had been nothing, Glory flowed;
It wound about, a twisted road.
And every-where and -place it went,
The Void was healed, became unbent.

One thing was certain, one fact sure -
Their Master, He was Clean and Pure.
None His equal, none so grand,
None could stay His Mighty Hand.

His Words continued, power unbroke,
Worlds created as He spoke.
Multiverses, oh so vast,
Created new, had no past;

Only future, certain, sure;
Time would bring the only cure.
His words began to resonate,
Spreading love - (He knew no hate).

Weaving up, and out, and in,
Ever spreading, never thinned.
Creating everywhere it went,
It seemed it never would be spent!

Until He said., Let there be light,
And suddenly there was no night -
Pureness blazed most everywhere,
It cut across the cold night's air!

It warmed the spirit, soothed the soul,
Touched the heart, drove 'way the cold.
Again He spoke, creating light,
a lesser one to rule the night.

Stars were sprinkled everywhere
They flew about, across the air;
None were twins, none the same,
And to each one He gave a name.

The earth below the stars did lay,
The waters covered it night and day;
Until the Lord, He spoke again,
Creating land, and rough terrain.

Let Us make man akin to We,
Just as us, they shall be three;
Father, Spirit, Holy Word,
body, soul, and spirit third.

Man was made, and woman, too;
The Lord Himself watched as they grew.
From little child to adult grown,
He watched them, loved them, as His own.

But when the Lord was finishing speaking,
done with making, done with eking ,
All alive their voices raised,
Lifted to the Lord their praise!

Hallelujah! Voices Raise-
Lift to Heaven all your praise!
Blessed is the Lord most High-
Who made the earth, and sun, and sky!

Blessed is the Holy One,
Our Maker, Father, Helper too,
Blessed is the Holy One,
The One who made both me and you!

Fishes leapt up from the water,
Holding up their fins in praise;
Squeaking, honking, bubbly noises,
To the Lord they raised their voices!

Birds cavorted in the air,
Swooping, diving, everywhere!
Ecstatic love flowed from their soul,
Birdsong, birdsong, praise extolled!

Mules, donkeys, horses, too;
Lions, tigers, kangaroo...
All to God their voices raised -
All began to sing their praise!

All Creation spoke as one,
All to God their praise begun!
All of Heaven, all of earth,
Gave to God their joy, their mirth!

Even fountains, plants, and trees
Lifted hands and bended knees;
Waterfalls and jungle vines,
Praised the Lord, who is so fine!

Then the Lord, who is so blest,
Decided He would take a rest...
He'd made the earth, and everything,
And listened to Creation sing;

Lucifer's Litany

And in the Heavens, all still blest -
Yet in one heart began unrest;
Jealousy had begun to stir -
In heart of one named Lucifer...

He loved the Lord,
Now it was true -
But loved still more
The things He'd do!

It's not enough to be a part,
Is what he tho't down in his heart;
I want to rule, I want His praise,
In his heart objections raised!

I know the Lord
And what He'd do -
I want to build
And create too!

Why do you think I want these things
(to build, and laugh, create, and sing)?
Why do I want to have this part?
The Lord has put it in my heart!

It's not my fault
I cannot change;
It must have been
All prearranged!

The Father must have made me so ;
I cannot stay, so I must go
I'll take as many as I can
And then I will begin my plan!

Then music such as never heard
From mouth of any singing bird
Throughout Heaven ran and weaved
A song of purpose, to deceive;

Come stand with me, it seemed to say,
It sounded light, and sweet and gay;
I have a plan, to serve the Lord,
Come stand with me, and hear my words.

And many came, to hear more song,
They weren't aware that they'd done wrong;
They too were tricked, had been deceived
And soon from Heaven they would leave!

When all were gathered, all had thronged,
The Father spoke, said He'd been wronged;
"No one but Me may be in charge!"
He thundered to the room at large.

To Lucifer He turned to speak
"What is this Havoc you have wreaked?
With your song you have deceived -
Now from Heaven you must leave!"

"I'll not leave, this place is mine -
I'll stay here, and really shine!
Step aside, You once-high God -
I'll walk the paths that You once trod!"

Other angels stood beside,
Accepted Lucifer as guide -
Tho't he made decisions well;
But their decision led to Hell!

The Father had no other choice;
He prepared to use His Voice -
The one which made Creation sing;
Now Outcasting it would bring!

With saddened voice, and forceful shout
The Lord then cast the Fallen out;
Below to earth is where they'd go -
And His creation became their foe!

Entrapped within its blessed bounds,
The Fallen ran like cursed hounds!
No longer Heaven their abode,
Now they lived with mouse and toad!

They hated Earth, it's sound and smell;
Hated more the place called Hell~!
Made for them, their future home,
It's greatest light, merely a gloam.

And in it's midst a fiery pool;
From it's center, all would rule!
Rule in pain, and fiery death;
Always straining to catch their breath!

Never again to see their God,
Never to walk the paths He'd trod!
Never again within His Light -
Never to feel His loving might!

Hell is agony and pain,
Separation from His Reign...
Separated from God's Love,
E'er below, and ne'er above!

But now they all ran wild, and free -
Hell a place to one day be...
Forget the place (at least they'd try)
And foil God's Plan, or one day die!


Man used to walk alone, you see;
With only God his guide to be¦
Satan now had foiled that plan;
He now fought God, and fought God's man!

Every day we make a choice -
Whether or not to heed God's Voice!
Every day that we choose wrong,
We add another chain or bond!

Every day that we choose Right,
We chase away the godless night!
We break it's bonds, and we walk free,
We walk into the Light, you see!

Now every day the Good must fight -
Or walk into the godless night;
Many fight (and many sleep)
And many God's Word they do keep!

Those who turn from God's good Way
Walk with Satan (he holds sway) -
Listen to the things he'd say
Will live in Hell with him one day!

God's Champion

The Father, who is All, and knows
His Creation, where it goes;
Where it is, and what it thinks -
What it eats, and what it drinks;

Knew what would happen, had a Plan -
That No one else could understand
Only He, and He alone -
(for no one else could share His throne).

He would send the Holy Lamb
Once the Word, the great I Am
He would fight, and live, and die
"Forgive them, Father", His only cry

Death and Hell had found defeat -
Satan's plans had all been beat!
Now He sent out servants pure
To spread the word, and to endure...

For Satan's anger, unsubsided,
to His servants it was guided -
"Kill the servants of the Lamb!"
And soon the Dark ages began...

Satan's anger, slow to burn,
Instead began to churn and churn,
Disciples fell, and burned, and died,
(some were even crucified)

And yet the Father did not stop
The planting of his evil crop;
Instead in Heaven, He enjoys
His children, whether girls or boys

For in the Heavens they receive
Wondrous blessings you'd not believe!
Heaven made for them to live,
And love received from Him who'd give!

He freely gives them any thing -
And daily to Him they do sing;
Songs of love, and joy, and peace
Everyday to Him release!

He loves to see them do their best,
For in His hands it all is blest!
He sees their hearts, and what they need;
And sends it to them, with all speed!

In Heaven, all do heed His voice
Disobedience is no choice;
Because all know He lived and died;
For all their sins was crucified!

©opyright 2005 by Michael Ingram

© Copyright 2018 Michael T Ingram. All rights reserved.

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