I forget I'm dying

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I had a particularly hard time at school, I found it hard to describe to the teachers why I disliked it so much, a few weeks after I left I felt this amazing calmness that I hadn't felt before, I was then able to describe the turmoil that was school because I was no longer part of it, so I emailed this poem to my most understanding teacher.

Submitted: September 27, 2011

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Submitted: September 27, 2011



I woke up in the middle of the night to find a kindred spirit lingering in the limbo of forgotten floatation, softly above me caressing my frail wrinkled brow, she, oh goddess, dressed in other peoples wealth, wore a bold blue complexion of skin, bathed in the darkness of the night, her irresistible beauty claimed by religion, published by consumerism, and in her untamed voice melting like honey she leant over me with ease to whisper silently, staring straight into my masked eyes "I am your youth, and I'm leaving you"

"dry your hands of innocence my child" I exclaimed in determined awe, " do not die, but let yourself become an adult, no longer a pure innocent child for whom it is impossible to do wrong by, drain your youth, until all the dreams you never understood are shredded and filtered and filed into someone else's reality, no more santa, you're not going to be a princess, you're not going to be an astronaut, you'll live for 8 days of rest a month"

but the spirit was blissfully unaware of my dangerous message from it's selfish god, it just laughed, frolicking and playing in the burning poppy fields that surround our tarmac existence, which it would soon use for war and the settling of human conflict, in the name of forward motion, and the interests of the rich white settlers, carving their humble blades.

then I awoke from the brief reality I had experienced, to the dream I share with friends and enemies alike.


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